Kesko’s Annual Report 2019 has been published

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Kesko has today published its Annual Report for 2019 in Finnish and in English. The report comprises Kesko’s financial statements, Report by the Board of Directors, Corporate Governance Statement, and Remuneration Statement for 2019, as well as sections on Kesko’s direction and Sustainability.

The financial review section comprises the consolidated financial statements, the parent company’s financial statements, and the Auditor's Report. The review of non-financial information is included in the Report by the Board of Directors.

The Corporate Governance Statement contains a description of Kesko Group’s management and the Remuneration Statement information on remuneration.

The section on Kesko’s direction provides a review of Kesko’ strategy and its execution. The Sustainability section of the report has been assured by an independent third party, and depicts key areas of sustainability for the company and its stakeholders and progress made in those areas.

The Annual Report as a whole and its individual sections can be downloaded at

Requests for printed copies of the financial statements, the Report by the Board of Directors, the Corporate Governance Statement, and the Remuneration Statement can be sent to

Further information is available from Hanna Jaakkola, Vice President, Investor Relations, tel. +358 105 323 540.

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