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Searching for purpose after surviving a heart attack and breast cancer, 52-year-old Karen Baldwin set off alone for South Africa as the first white teacher in a rural Zulu elementary school. Her suitcases bursting with books and art supplies, Karen was greeted at the tiny airport by Ruby Ndlela of the Zinti School. Karen’s African hosts seemed eager to pursue their dreams of English proficiency and computer literacy for their “learners,” but the Zulus’ desire for westernization soon conflicted with strong tribal traditions. Karen’s goodwill was stretched to the breaking point by encounters with infant scarification, female genital mutilation, and witch doctor dominance. Even worse, Ruby suddenly turned on Karen and she found herself afraid for her life, trapped in a concrete room on a locked compound until she could make her escape. “I hope every reader comes away from Ruby’s World, as I did, with deeper self-awareness and an inquisitive heart,” said Baldwin. Rave Reviews of Ruby’s World, My Journey with the Zulu • “Baldwin’s masterful memoir reads like a suspense thriller.” New Mexico journalist and photographer Phaedra Greenwood• “Ruby’s World is … an extraordinary story, beautifully told … honest, moving, frequently funny, sometimes startling, and always compelling. It carries the reader along every twist and turn with remarkable clarity and grace.” Award-winning author Sean Murphy• “Gripping, honest, and illusion-shattering.” Nancy Schluntz• “Great book about survival in Africa. Well written and spell binding.” Christopher L Ellis• “I think my heart stopped beating a couple of times toward the end of the book. Kitchen Maven• “A peak behind the curtain at what really goes in other cultures.” Tara Lumpkin• “Baldwin does not pull away from asking difficult questions of others as well as herself. Miriam Moussaioff• “Ruby's World reminded me that in learning about different people, one learns even more about his or herself.” KMB Book DistributionRUBY’S WORLD – My Journey with the ZuluThe Apocryphile Press; Berkeley, California; 370 pageswww.apocryphile.orgISBN 978-1-937002-10-7Available on Amazon http://amzn.to/Rubys-World ($22.95), Kindle http://amzn.to/RubyonKindle ($9.95), and in fine bookstores everywhere. Distributed through Ingram Book Company. About the Author In mid-life, Karen Baldwin turned her back on a successful career in civil engineering to focus on her lifelong desire to serve the needs of women and children. She graduated from the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministry and earned a certificate in Spiritual Psychology through the West Coast Kabbalah School. Prior to leaving California, she worked as a hospital chaplain with Kaiser Permanente, specializing in neo-natal intensive care. Today, she lives in Taos, New Mexico. She presents workshops nationally on the power of dreams as a compass for life and maintains a spiritual direction practice. Ms. Baldwin is available for guest lectures, readings, and interviews. Website: www.RevKarenBaldwin.com