Karessa starts preclinical studies with Midazolam

With the project K21, Midazolam, Karessa, we see improved treatment possibilities in various important therapy areas.

It concerns treatment of seizures in pediatric epilepsy, calming/anxiolytic effects in minor operations and before dental visits. Midazolam is routinely used globally in these indications. The existing products in the market are relatively difficult to use and it may take time before effects is reached. Before visit to the dentist; todays alternatives should be taken in good time before treatment is initiated. Midazolam, Karessa, may give a direct absorption from the oral mucosa giving a quick onset of action in combination with a patient friendly formulation.

We are now entering next step starting comparative absorption studies in preclinical phase with products in the market. The result of the studies is estimated to be ready June 2029.

For more information, please contact:
Mats Nilsson, VD Karessa Pharma Holding AB (publ)
Tel: +46-8-768 22 33

About Karessa Pharma Holding AB
Karessa is a Swedish pharmaceutical company with the goal of developing products based on a patented drug delivery platform with direct absorption of active substances from the oral cavity to the bloodstream. For more information, visit karessa.se. Certified Advisor: FNCA Sweden AB, info@fnca.se, +46-8-528 00 399.