Myocardial infarction care much better in Sweden than in the UK

According to a comprehensive study in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, care of myocardial infarction in Sweden is associated with a significantly better chance of survival than in the UK. 

One of the authors, Harry Hemingway, University College London, says in the press release from The Lancet that new technology and new treatment methods are routinely adopted into clinical practice much faster in Sweden.

“Balloon angioplasty, stents and beta-blockers are effective treatments, all of which are used more frequently in Sweden than in the UK,” notes another of the authors, Tomas Jernberg at the Department of Cardiology, Karolinska University Hospital.

One conclusion from this study is that the significant differences in survival highlight the importance of international comparisons of this kind for both healthcare professionals and healthcare policy-makers.

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