ANZAPLAN verifies Keliber´s battery grade lithium hydroxide crystallization

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Keliber accomplished a three-phase lithium hydroxide piloting test program during 2019-2020. The piloting program included minerals processing, thermal processing and lithium hydroxide manufacturing. Keliber selected ANZAPLAN, the leading consultancy and engineering company for industrial and specialty mineral and metal projects based in Germany, as an independent third party to verify that Keliber’s lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LiOH.H2O) meets battery grade specifications by following the contemplated recrystallization procedure. In December 2020 ANZAPLAN confirmed that the sample from the test program could be recrystallized to yield battery grade purity. 

“We are very pleased with the independent confirmation from ANZAPLAN. The verification of battery grade lithium hydroxide from our own ore with the chosen technology is an important milestone for Keliber”, says CEO Hannu Hautala.

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Hannu Hautala, CEO, tel. +358 40 712 2432

Keliber Oy

Keliber Oy is a Finnish mining and chemical industry company with an objective of producing battery grade lithium hydroxide for the needs of the international lithium battery market.