Natura assessment related to mining operations of Keliber’s lithium project submitted to authorities

Keliber Oy ("the Company") has submitted the Natura assessment related to the impact of the mining operations of the lithium project to the Natura area of Vionneva to the South Ostrobothnia ELY Center.

The Vionneva Natura area is located in the area of influence of the mining operations of Keliber. The Rapasaari mine is located 300 meters from the Natura area boundary. The core region of the Natura area, the Vionneva National mire protection area, is located approximately one kilometer from the Rapasaari mine. The Vionneva Natura area is protected based on the Habitats and Birds Directives.

Natura assessment of the Vionneva considers the impacts that the Company’s mining operations, especially the construction stage and production stage of the Rapasaari mine, has to the natural values of the Natura area. In case-by-case basis the species-specific assessment for other mine sites, for example for the Syväjärvi mine site, has been conducted. Ramboll Finland Oy has been responsible for the assessment.

According to the assessment, the most significant impacts on the birds of the Natura area mainly consist of the noise from blasting during the Rapasaari mining operations. The spread of noise is prevented by locating the noisy objects and the noise barriers. In addition, the noise impacts will be made more predictable with the scheduling the blastings and signal. Thus, impact of the noise on birds will be less severe.

According the assessment, due to the short duration and temporary nature of the impacts and with the presented mitigating measures in the assessment report, the impacts on the nature values of the Natura area are not significant. Impacts don’t conflict the provisions of the section 65 of the Nature Conservation Act.

"We will conduct the mitigation measures presented in the Natura assessment report during both the planning and operating stages. We will also carry out the recommended bird monitoring program in the Vionneva area. It is important for us that our operations in the region are in harmony with the natural values of the region, "says Kari Wiikinkoski, Keliber Oy's Environmental Manager.

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