Nearly 97% conversion degree reached in continuous conversion pilot

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Keliber (“Company”) has reached 96.9 percent conversion degree in a continuous conversion pilot using spodumene concentrate produced from Syväjärvi lithium ore.

The Company has continued to pilot testwork to ensure the performance and functionality of selected technology with a continuous rotary kiln conversion pilot. The pilot testwork is the second part of three-phased piloting program and was conducted in co-operation with FLSmidth.

During the pilot, three tons of spodumene was converted in a continuous rotary kiln and an average conversion degree of 96.9 percent was achieved. In the Definite Feasibility Study, published in February 2019, a conversion degree of 95 percent was used.

“We are pleased with the progress of the pilot program and with the results reached in the conversion pilot. We continue the program as planned in to the third stage of pilot in continuous lithium hydroxide tests,” states Keliber Oy CEO, Pertti Lamberg.

Further information:

Manu Myllymäki, COO, Keliber Oy, tel. 040 530 9917

Pertti Lamberg, CEO, Keliber Oy, tel. 050 5991 189

Keliber Oy

Keliber Oy is a Finnish mining and chemical industry company with an objective of producing battery grade lithium hydroxide for the needs of the international lithium battery market.