New Extended Permit for Keliber's Länttä Mining Area

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On 11 February 2022, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) granted to postpone the expiry of the mining permit and to review the necessary provisions for securing public and private interests related to the mining permit for Keliber’s Länttä mining area. The original mining permit was issued on a fixed-term basis in 2006.

In its decision, Tukes states that the reason, put forward by Keliber, for postponing the expiry of the mining permit can be considered justified within the meaning of Article 68 of the Mining Act, given the changes in the mining company's project scope since the previous postpone the expiry of the Länttä mining permit was granted.

The opening of the mine in Länttä has been postponed, due to change in focus of the company's ore reserves to Syväjärvi and Rapasaari areas, as a result of successful exploration. The Länttä deposit is the third largest of Keliber’s planned five mining sites, and is in Kokkola, Finland.

"The changes made to the company's project plans have improved the profitability and technical feasibility of the entire production chain and reduced the environmental impact. The Länttä deposit has still a significant value in Keliber’s production plans." says Pentti Grönholm, the company's Chief Geologist.

The permit is not yet legally valid. The public announcement of the permit decision is announced on the City of Kokkola info site and will be kept available until 21 March 2022.

Further information

Pentti Grönholm, Chief Geologist, Keliber, +358 50 348 1535

Keliber in Brief

Keliber is a Finnish mining and battery chemical company that aims to start the sustainable production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide, utilising its own ore, in 2024.