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  • Kiilto continues to strengthen its position as the Nordic expert for professional hygiene

Kiilto continues to strengthen its position as the Nordic expert for professional hygiene

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Kiilto has continued its growth in the Scandinavian cleanliness and hygiene market. Environmental focus is strong and a part of all new launches across markets.

During the exceptional year of 2020 Kiilto’s expertise in hygiene and especially in hand hygiene and disinfection became vital. All Scandinavian countries have a long history within personal hygiene, and it has been a key factor in introducing also new products to the markets.

“In challenging times, we have wanted to help our community the best way we can. With the Kiilto Pro product range we have helped new restaurants to open and make hygiene plans in order to be able to operate. We have educated them on the new products and planned systematic hand hygiene solutions for the facilities”, tells May-Britt Siljan, Marketing Manager for Kiilto Professional Hygiene in Norway.

Kiilto works hard to provide greener products, packaging, logistics and services to its customers. This is something that appeals to many Scandinavian people. Shared values and appreciation for the nature are clearly visible in the product launches.

“In Norway, environmentally friendly solutions are very popular. The products in the series from Kiilto Pro have a high environmental profile and 73% are marked with the Nordic Ecolabel. It has been a great gateway to new customers”, continues Siljan.

“Also in Sweden we start from the idea that we actually can help our customers reach their environmental goals together with us. One example of how we can reduce the climate impact are digital solutions. Digital solutions help to choose the right product with right dosing for the right target. That is a way to contribute to sustainable consumption and production", explains Patrik Hene, Professional Hygiene CEO from Sweden.

Safe encounters in the future

Live events and large encounters are a rare thing now but also something people are looking forward to. Kiilto wants to contribute and enable safe events where hand hygiene is taken care of.

“We have actively been in touch with different actors across the Nordics. In Finland we participated in the Cancer Foundation Finland Pink Ribbon fundraising event by donating two hand disinfectant dispensers. In Norway we have partnered for example with Norway Chess and helped in arranging systematic hygiene solutions”, says Raila Bexell, Head of Marketing at Kiilto Professional Hygiene.

Even though traveling, large gatherings and events are not recommended for the time being, the systems must be ready when the world opens again. Kiilto has developed a hand hygiene solution called SafePoint+ which is aimed especially for large crowds and public spaces. The solution is launched on all markets and it is supported by the strong local hand hygiene brands.

“So far we have gotten feedback from happy customers across the markets regarding SafePoint+. They tell it’s easy to use, systematic, trustworthy and always clean.”

Exciting things are happening

The teams in all countries have strengthened during previous year.  Day to day work at Kiilto is international since many teams are spread on all markets. This is a strength that allows Kiilto to be both local and global. A diverse team also allows insight gathering from all markets and makes it easier to stay on top of global trends.

Earlier this year Kiilto also announced the acquisition of Svenska Diskbolaget AB, its long-time supplier of solid dishwashing solutions. The acquisition enables Kiilto to serve its existing and new food services customers with even better and more holistic solutions than before. It also strengthens Kiilto’s position in the Nordic market allowing it to build and grow the Kiilto Pro food services business.

“We are excited for the future. We are continuously learning both from each other and from our customers.”