SOL Services: Clean results with Kiilto's products and training

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SOL Services Oy provides cleaning, property maintenance and security services as part of the SOLEMO Group. SOL is a traditional family company known to most Finns that is not afraid of re-inventing itself. Their co-operation with Kiilto has already lasted for 20 energetic years.

The values of the company reflect a strong trust in the expertise of its staff: it is tied to the results of one's own work, the well-being of the entire staff and customer satisfaction. The cleaning expertise of service supervisors and other staff is continuously deepened with both long and short-term training programmes and mentoring sessions.

The domain of SOL Services covers many different types of cleaning targets. The neat handiwork of SOL professionals can be admired in grocery stores, trains, cruise ships, offices, hotels and lodging facilities, among other places. The most challenging cleaning targets are food production facilities and hospitals where good hygiene is absolutely crucial.

- Cleaning is an important part of the production chain. A successful result is affected by both the expertise of the service supervisors and the safety and functionality of the cleaning products, states Jussi Holopainen, the chief business officer of SOL Services.

Even after 20 years Holopainen remains satisfied with the active partnership between SOL Services and Kiilto.

- What is most important for our business is that the cleaning agents are safe and functional. The price has to be right, of course, but the most important factors are cleaning power and suitability. From a partner we also require a healthy developmental spirit and expertise to constantly create new and better ways to clean different materials.

A partner who trains increases competitive advantage

- One of the cornerstones of SOL's strategy is keeping our staff's expertise up to date. It is self-evident to us that our partner is not just a supplier of cleaning products. New products and materials are introduced constantly, which means it is extremely important that the partner can also organise the training side of things, says Holopainen.

Sometimes the training and development unit of SOL Services has made direct contact with Kiilto in cases where there are recurring problems with cleaning a particular material, for example. When this occurs, SOL's training manager Merja Oljakka and Kiilto's Pirkko Heinilä get together to think about whether the staff needs extra training or whether the development of a new custom product for the specific problem would be a better option to improve the cleaning result.

Getting the full benefit of products by training

Kiilto's Key Account Manager Pirkko Heinilä also presents new products to SOL's acquisition team and development and training unit who then pass this information onto their colleagues. This way the entire organisation is kept up-to-date on the latest developments in the cleaning industry.

- It is important for us that the training side is under control. When new cleaning products and devices are introduced, we want to make the most of them immediately. To achieve this, it is extremely important that our service managers are capable of using them professionally, Holopainen says.






From a partner we also require a healthy developmental spirit and expertise to constantly create new and better ways to clean different materials.
Jussi Holopainen | Chief Business Officer | SOL Services