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    We know our New Jersey customers want authentic, high quality game experiences. Through our partnership, they’ll have access to Unibet’s newest live dealer game just in time for the Eagles playoff game against Tampa Bay this Sunday, January 16. We’re happy to provide our customers with another way to support their favorite NFL team, as they get ready to make their playoff run
    Manuel Stan, SVP Kindred US
    At Kindred, we strongly believe that a diverse workforce enhances our performance, and we focus on improving our diversity across the Group. We know that Women in Racing are instrumental to raising the awareness of diversity in the racing industry and we are pleased to be able to support the delivery of concrete actions to enhance the wellbeing of the industry
    Ed Nicholson, Head of Kindred Racing Communications and Sponsorship
    We are very proud to retain our ‘B’ score, reflecting the hard work we have put into disclosure and reduction initiatives. Businesses have an important role to play in fighting climate change and we are committed to doing our bit for the planet
    Anna Jein, Sustainability Manager of Kindred Group.
    For us, it is very important to share and contribute our knowledge through this sponsorship. Unibet wants a sustainable gambling industry and our ambition is to reach zero per cent revenue derived from harmful gambling by 2023
    Philip Lagström, Country Manager Unibet Sweden
    At Kindred, we are committed to building a Diverse team with an Inclusive and Equitable experience for all. So, naturally, we jumped at the chance of being able to support this important movement
    Ed Nicholson, Head of Kindred Racing Communications and Sponsorship
    Our Pennsylvania customers are highly engaged with both our casino and sportsbook products and deserve a best-in-class experience. Through this game, we’re able to provide them with a new, interactive way to play with Unibet
    Manuel Stan, SVP Kindred US
    We are pleased to see that the percentage of revenue coming from harmful gambling has decreased. Whilst we welcome this decrease, we do understand that we still have to work hard to further decrease this number
    Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Kindred Group
    We are extremely proud to receive this recognition for the third year running. We have recently introduced our approach to hybrid working. This policy is based on employee feedback and allows our people to organise their time for optimum performance and focus on their goals and responsibilities, whether at home or in the office
    Gavin Hayward, Chief HR Officer at Kindred Group
    This conference is a platform to give a voice to all involved in gambling, and allows a collaborative framework for future work. Having experts by experience, PhD students, leading researchers, affected others, and industry representatives in our arena is both beneficial and needed
    Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gaming and Research, Kindred Group
    Arizona’s passion for sports is unmatched, and through our great partnership with the Quechan Tribe, we’re excited to first provide a mobile sportsbook experience for sports fans of all levels with retail to follow
    Manuel Stan, SVP Kindred US
    We are truly excited to expand our Midwest footprint via the multistate agreement with Caesars Interactive Entertainment and bring a top sports betting offering to the Iowa customers
    Manuel Stan, SVP Kindred US
    We are excited to partner up with one of the most beloved professional sports franchises. With a great history and bright future ahead, the Steelers have incredibly passionate and engaged fans. With this partnership we will continue to grow our share of voice in Pennsylvania, strengthen our connection to local fans and support future launches in neighbouring States
    Manuel Stan SVP US, Kindred Group.
    Sponsorship is an important part of our marketing initiatives in the states, where sports betting is legal. Racing fans are extremely passionate about their sport and their driver in particular. Unibet exists for this reason, to enhance fans’ passion for their sport. Integrating Unibet into the sport that fans watch and cheer for, is the best way to tell our story. We are By Players, For Players
    Manuel Stan, Senior Vice President USA, Kindred
    This is not a tick-box exercise for Kindred, this is aligned with our corporate values and our broader Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy. It might be seen as a small thing for many but we know it brings reassurance that most LGBTQ+ people don’t often see
    Gavin Hayward, Chief Human Resources Officer, Kindred Group.
    Unibet is the first major sports betting brand to bring a sharing tool of this kind to the market. Our players are increasingly looking to share experiences and bets in our ever-expanding digital landscape and we are glad to be able to offer them this tool right ahead of the Euros
    Erik Bäcklund, Chief Product Officer, Kindred Group
    The Background feature allows players to select and choose from up to eight different background visuals and we have developed our own suite of emojis that players can add to give the betslip a light touch. This is truly an innovative and exciting tool
    Johannes Nijboer, Head of Sportbook business development, Kindred Group
    For us promoting the Bettor Time App is a given and it is in line with our commitment of zero per cent revenue from harmful gambling by 2023. The technology behind this app with Zafty’s unique machine learning algorithms that take the recorded activity and learn each user’s normal behaviour is very interesting. We are proud to promote this app and I recommend other operators to follow
    Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gambling and Research
    Our people are our most valuable asset and we want to ensure that current and future team members share in the success of Kindred Group. We have committed to make a new share award every year for the next three years in line with our current strategic cycle for the business. We hope this will engage and motivate our employees, and demonstrates our long-term commitment to customers and shareholders
    Gavin Hayward, Chief Human Resources Officer, Kindred Group.
    Rangers and 32Red have been on a long journey together and I am delighted that our winning partnership is continuing. I was particularly heartened to hear that the vital Team Talk initiative will be continuing as part of the new agreement.
    Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard
    We are thrilled to be continuing our longstanding partnership with SPFL Champions Rangers – it’s been quite a journey over the last decade and we’re proud to have played our part in that. It is a hugely exciting time to be involved with the club, as this current season has shown already. More widely, we remain committed to reinventing the sports sponsorship model, so that it benefits the wider community.
    Neil Banbury, UK General Manager, Kindred Group
    t’s encouraging to see a decrease in the share of revenue from harmful gambling for the first quarter of the year, however we need to be aware that the journey forward will not be a steady decrease. We expect to see the data increase in individual quarters but we continue to work towards our ambition. Reducing harmful gambling in society is a long-term process which requires a fact-based, open, and constructive dialogue among all stakeholders
    Henrik Tjärnström, CEO at Kindred Group.
    The new streaming player will take the customer experience to a whole new level. Easily explained with three words – Fast, Easy and Fun. Fast, because it enables our customers to see the action and react to it instantly. Easy, because the design is clever and intuitive. Fun, because this is a whole new way of enjoying the live sports watching and betting experience
    Erik Bäcklund, Chief Product Officer at Kindred Group
    We are excited to add Virginia to the growing list of states that Unibet and Kindred Group call home as we continue our expansion in the US market. Our aim is to go live shortly and we expect that the success we have seen in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Indiana will of course follow in Virginia
    Manuel Stan SVP US, Kindred Group
    We've been on the edge of our seats for a long time now, waiting for this huge jackpot to be won – and now it has. It feels like the entire company is celebrating with this lucky person
    Erik Bäcklund, Chief Product Officer at Kindred Group.
    This tournament will be a fun break from my own daily tournaments and I look forward to represent Kindred Group in the games toward some of the biggest companies and brands in the world. There are many teams competing and for me the level of competence in some of them is surprisingly high. I am impressed by the enthusiasm the team of Unibet and Kindred shows when it comes to chess and I know that they have many competent hobby players within their organization
    Magnus Carlsen, World Champion and Unibet ambassador
    Reducing harmful gambling in society is a long-term process which requires a fact-based, open, and constructive dialogue, not least with decision-makers. We want to contribute to that. The most important thing decision-makers can do right now is to reduce the flight to unlicensed gambling operators, who fail to provide players with any safety measures whatsoever. The so called channelisation must increase.
    Henrik Tjärnström, CEO Kindred Group.
    With the tremendous response we have seen to the release of ‘Eagles Blackjack’, we are thrilled to be able to deliver a second sports-themed game to the Pennsylvania market, this time within the slot category.
    Jonathan Aiwazian, VP Product US
    Being recognised for the RG work done is obviously humbling, but it would be great if we saw that Responsible Gambling is part of everyone’s agenda. Harm minimisation needs to be the most important aspect of every company, and what we deem as a competitive edge being the status quo across all stakeholders
    Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gambling and Research at Kindred Group
    During these seven months that the restrictions have been in place, the Swedish government have not been taking any measures to determine the level of channelisation, they have not accounted for any measures against unlicensed operators in Sweden, and they cannot present any notable connections between the pandemic and increased problem gambling in Sweden at licensed Swedish operators. What we can see is a lower channelisation and an increased activity at unlicensed operators with zero consumer protection. That is a step in the wrong direction, and it is not the gambling policy decided by the Swedish Parliament
    Henrik Tjärnström, CEO Kindred Group
    The renewed investment means Derby County Community Trust can continue some of the fantastic work and results we saw from the first year of our partnership. To be able to work in partnership with University of Derby to develop a robust research and evaluation project that assesses the impact of the programme on individual and community well-being will be very interesting
    Neil Banbury, General Manager UK Kindred Group
    I am excited to welcome global expert on artificial intelligence Göran Lindsjö, leading industry researchers Professor Mark Griffiths, Dr. Jonathan Parke and David Forsström as well as a number of operators, suppliers, regulators and many more experts both from and outside of the industry. During the event, we will discuss how the online gambling industry can use new technology and innovation to further evolve towards a more responsible future
    Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gaming and Player Sustainability, Kindred Group.
    We know that businesses have an important role to play in fighting climate change and we are committed to doing our bit for the planet.
    Henrik Tjärnström, CEO Kindred Group
    We see great potential in building a stronger market position towards the hundreds of millions of chess fans around the world, as well as all other online gamblers who understand and appreciate the value of gaining an advantage by digging into data and researching facts. Since 2014, Unibet has communicated that “luck is no coincidence”, celebrating those players who rely on research and statistics to make informed decisions. Magnus is a perfect fit for this concept, and our most recent marketing campaign is a good example of that
    Rhodri Darch, Chief Commercial Officer at Kindred Group
    Donating our exposure rights during EHF EURO matches played in Norway to ENALMH follows our efforts to raise awareness of mental health across Europe. If we can contribute to raise awareness of how to prevent mental health problems by this donation, then it is a win-win situation. We are proud to support ENALMH in their important work
    Timo Mastelinck, Global Head of Sponsorships, Kindred Group
    By being connected to a major European sport event as the Men’s and Women’s EHF EURO 2020 the Active Living for Mental Health movement acquires the dimension that it really deserves. Thanks to the opportunity provided by Kindred Group the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health (ENALMH) will be in Norway to support the spirit of the sport, to meet the Norwegian community of sport or mental health, to discuss with the sport industry and to share our “move to balance” message with the big audience
    Jan Drobny, Vice-President of ENALMH
    Esports has grown into a billion-dollar business with a fanbase across all corners of the world. Astralis is the star of the CS:GO world, and we are very excited to join forces with the world’s number one team. Astralis is an esports powerhouse that has just been awarded “Esports Team of the Year”. It’s our ambition that the partnership will help Astralis become even more competitive and raise interest in the exiting world of esports
    Rhodri Darch, Chief Commercial Officer at Kindred Group
    We are very proud to have made this historic agreement with Svensk Elitfotboll. The agreement includes a significant long-term commitment to Swedish sports, an opportunity we have been fighting for during the last 20 years. We are very pleased to announce the partnership and we look forward to contributing to the development of Swedish football
    Dersim Sylwan, General Manager Sweden
    Equal opportunities lie at the heart of the entire employee journey at Kindred and it remains a key focus for the Group to improve on diversity and equality. We are proud of the women and men who continue to drive our business forward and this award is a great testament to the hard work our Legal team delivers everyday.
    Henrik Tjärnström, CEO Kindred Group
    I am so proud of our Legal and Compliance team and happy that they once again are given the recognition they deserve for the hard work and passion they put in every day. Ensuring our customers enjoy gambling in a safe and secure environment, and managing our corporate risk, is a key part of running a sustainable business, which is why we have sustainability as a key priority for the company
    Ewout Keuleers, General Counsel at Kindred Group
    We are very excited and proud to be part of the All-in Diversity project, who’s vision and mission fully reflect our own agenda and priorities in this important area. Diversity and gender equality have always been a natural part of Kindred’s culture and we know that it differentiates the top performers from the average ones regardless of the industry. We look forward to taking part in raising the awareness on this topic across the gambling industry and beyond
    Henrik Tjärnström, Chief Executive Officer of Kindred Group
    We are proud to be involved in the #queenrules project. It is a fantastic idea that highlights where in society we have gender bias. As a company, our ambition is to make all of our players and employees feel understood, and challenging these kinds of stereotypes is one way to do this
    Nataly Sopacuaperu, Head of Events at Kindred Group
    Cooperation is key in the battle against betting-related match-fixing, and we actively seek engagement with all parties, especially law enforcement, involved to keep sports clean of these criminal influences.
    Eric Konings, Sports Betting Integrity Officer at Kindred Group
    CockroachDB is exactly the product and team we’ve been seeking as we look for better ways to serve our growing base of global customers. Countries are becoming more protective of their citizens’ data, and we need a partner that can help us to better serve global users while remaining compliant with domestic regulations.
    Marcus Smedman, CTO of Kindred Group
    Kindred Group has played a critical role for executing research on problem gambling. During a time when industry collaboration in gambling research is attracting heavy criticism, we want to draw attention to this collaboration as an example of how industry can add value without any expectation of influence over any stage of research process. In this research, Kindred Group provided access to their data and customers, and provided significant manpower to meet our demanding data requests. The first time they will see how the data was used will be after it is published for full public consumption
    Dr Jonathan Parke, Founder and Principle of consumer research hub Sophro
    The real value of our research is when operators and regulators actually apply the findings to develop their operations and the work they do
    Professor Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University
    This award is a great recognition of the outstanding work done by our Affiliates team. Our programme has existed for 11 years now and incorporates 12 brands, more than 20 affiliate managers operating in 15 markets. This award is another testament to the hard work done by the team
    Elen Barber, Head of Digital Advertising
    Kindred is committed to player protection and harm minimisation for our customers and this new research project will help provide insight into how our customers can gamble more responsibly and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to social responsibility and a sustainable business
    Maris Bonello, Integrity Analytics Manager at Kindred Group
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