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    We are very pleased to take the partnership with Ergon yet another step futher. When implementing digital solutions for our customers, security is always the first priority. It is important for us to provide comprehensive and integrative consulting and implementation services. Ergon's Airlock Secure Access Hub is an important component, which enables us to deliver the highest security standards as well as a good user experience.
    Peter Häusermann, CEO, Knowledge Lab
    We are very happy to have Knowledge Lab as a valuable partner in our network. Knowledge Lab understands how to deliver digital solutions with strong user experience and high security.
    Martin Zahner, Head of Sales Airlock Application Security, Ergon
    With the creation of our new platform, Knowledge Lab is responding to the demand for high-quality innovation while ensuring absolutely reliable processes. With IVA we have created an advanced simulation environment that uniquely combines software development, DevOps and innovation. We are convinced that interdisciplinary teams can only deliver top-notch innovation if they have the right tool at their disposal.
    Peter Häusermann, CEO, Knowledge Lab
    I am thrilled to be part of a highly motivated and effective team that is driving the digital transformation of financial institutions for the benefit of all.
    Dominique Im Obersteg, COO, Knowledge Lab
    We are delighted to welcome Dominique as a new member of our management team. Thanks to his experience and his extensive business network, we are convinced that joining forces will contribute to the continued success of our company in the field of digital banking.
    Peter Häusermann, Founder and CEO, Knowledge Lab
    The transformation of value chains through predictive analytics and machine learning is complex. We are convinced that our understanding of the banking industry, combined with our technical capabilities and interdisciplinary know-how, enables valuable, productive solutions for the benefit of users. The promise of the data revolution has been under discussion for a long time – we have made it our mission to deliver on that promise and drive the transformation of digital banking.
    Daniel Hasler, Managing Partner and CTO, Knowledge Lab
    We are very proud of the support of our new partners and are striving to continue this positive and visionary dynamic with our data science offering. We are pleased to support our customers in achieving their strategic goals with powerful and data-driven insights.
    Peter Häusermann, founder and Managing Director, Knowledge Lab
    We are very pleased about this partnership with Ergon. We implement digital solutions for our customers. The Airlock Secure Access Hub is an important component to enable good user experiences while maintaining the highest security standards.
    Peter Häusermann, founder and CEO, Knowledge Lab
    With Knowledge Lab, we are pleased to have found a partner who is highly competent in digital solutions and at the same time implements Airlock in our projects. Together we can support our customers even more effectively.
    Martin Zahner, Head of Sales Airlock Application Security, Ergon
    We are very pleased to be an official software partner of Avaloq and are proud of the development of our young company. The fact that we are now part of the Fintech ecosystem of an industry-leading company affirms our achievements in the area of banking transformation.
    Peter Häusermann, founder and CEO, Knowledge Lab
    We are pleased to welcome the Knowledge Lab team to our community and look forward to supporting joint growth opportunities in a fast-changing environment.
    Thomas Beck, CTO, Avaloq
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