Kungsleden in major initiative in Västerås

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Collaborative project approved for Finnslätten

The collaborative project based on ideas from “Vision Finnslätten” has now been approved by the Building Committee in Västerås. Kungsleden, in cooperation with ABB, commenced the preparatory work on Vision Finnslätten in 2018 and activities are fully under way to develop a train stop, an international school and a campus area, among other features.


In 2018, Kungsleden initiated a dialogue with its largest tenant at Finnslätten, ABB, on the development of the area. The ideas were discussed further with the City of Västerås, which welcomed the initiatives to develop the community and showed a high level of commitment. Creative collaboration between Kungsleden, ABB, the City of Västerås, Mälardalen University, Northvolt, Westinghouse, Alstom, and others, has since led to Vision Finnslätten, which has the aim of developing the area into an attractive location for world-leading high-tech companies. This vision is now the foundation of the collaborative project proposal that has been approved by the Building Committee.

“Already today, many of our tenants at Finnslätten are leaders in their respective industries and we want them to have the conditions to remain so. We have had fantastic cooperation with many parties to develop Vision Finnslätten and are now looking forward to implementing the plans for the train stop, international school, campus area, and more,” says Mats Eriksson, Region Manager Mälardalen, at Kungsleden.

Kungsleden owns nearly the entire city district, including roads, green areas and parking facilities. The leasable area currently amounts to approximately 238,000 sq.m., of which 110,000 sq.m. is offices. The area is set to grow with the addition of new business premises, coworking, service, restaurants, meeting places, parks, schools and housing, and the number of people employed in the area will increase from 5,000 to somewhere between 15,000 and 40,000.

For more information, please contact:

Mats Eriksson, Regional Manager Mälardalen, Kungsleden | +46 70 588 79 99 | mats.eriksson@kungsleden.se
Hampus Zethelius, Head of Digital Media Kungsleden | + 46 73 444 41 71 | hampus.zethelius@kungsleden.se

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