“Being responsive to what customers want, daring to try new solutions and contributing to a sustainable society is important to us. Flexibility and speed are strong trends and this is why we have developed the concept 3 min for sustainable, turnkey premises.”
Sven Stork, Regional Manager Stockholm, Kungsleden
“These new leases with world-leading high-tech companies are exactly in line with the investment we are making at Finnslätten and strengthen the area’s attractiveness. Increasing the service offering in the area is also a high priority and IF Friskis&Svettis will be a welcome contribution,” says Mats Eriksson, Regional Manager Mälardalen at Kungsleden.
Mats Eriksson, Regional Manager Mälardalen, Kungsleden
The acquisition gives us the opportunity to further develop Stockholm City West into a modern office cluster with an attractive environment for our customers. The properties have great development potential and our goal is to both develop the existing properties and create new modern premises in the area
Ylva Sarby Westman, Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer
We have had a very good dialogue with the Correctional Care for a long time and we are pleased to be able to meet their needs and wishes in their ambition to create new office space that benefit their business operation
Per Englund, Project Manager at Kungsleden
We are very pleased with the cooperation with Kungsleden and look forward to work in new custom-made premises in the future
Bo Dalfors at Försäkringskassan
It is with great pleasure that we can offer Försäkringskassan the opportunity to remain as a tenant with us and that we proactively found a new solution that suits them. We wish Försäkringskassan good luck and hope they will enjoy their converted premises,
Per Englund, Head of Marketing at Kungsleden
We are very pleased with the dialogue and cooperation we’ve had with Kungsleden and look forward to our move in September. Our new office space is modern and more in line with our business operation which has reduced our need of almost half our prior office space. We will now have rooms fully adapted to our wishes and needs.
Helena Blomqvist, CEO of Sandvik Coromant Svergie AB
We are happy to be able to offer Sandvik Coromant premises fully adapted to their needs in Kista, a region with a strong growth. We think this is the right solution for Sandvik as the property has a fantastic location, which, in addition to modern premises, offers both good commuting alternatives and excellent service nereby. We warmly welcome Sandvik as our new tenants
Sven Stork, Head of Real Estate Stockholm at Kungsleden
It is particularly fun to be able to offer HD Resources these unique studio rooms at Gärdet / Frihamnen, where many leading media companies operate. The area has a fantastic future potential and is one of our priority clusters
Sven Stork, Real Estate Manager at Kungsleden Stockholm
As holding the position of the Nordic region's leading media house, we are very pleased to be able to maintain and continue developing HDR's media business in a stunning new neighborhood in close proximity to our customers
Mats Dahlström, CEO of HDR Sweden AB
Kungsleden has in recent years had a pronounced ambition to create long-term financial stability, an attractive and geographically concentrated property portfolio and an efficient customer-focused organization. At the end of the third quarter, we received new fine confirmation that we are well on track when the rating agency Moody’s gave Kungsleden the credit rating Ba1 with “Positive Outlook”.
CEO Biljana Pehrsson
We are glad that the interest from investors was high in this first issue after achieving a public credit rating from Moody´s of Ba1 with Positive Outlook. Kungsleden aims to increase its market borrowing in order to further diversify its funding mix, increase the proportion of unsecured borrowing and extend the average capital term
Biljana Pehrsson, CEO Kungsleden
”Today Kungsleden has a strong financial position, which is confirmed by the credit rating from Moody's. With rating and MTN program in place, we will increase the share of unsecured borrowing through the capital market. The goal is of course to obtain an Investment Grade rating, something that would give us an even larger base of credit investors and improved access to the capital market.
Kungsleden's CEO Biljana Pehrsson
It is extremely gratifying that during the summer we have had a high rental activity and can show very strong new rental performance. We still have strong demand in our main markets of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Västerås, which accounts for 80% of our property portfolio
Lena Bredberg, Head of Leasing at Kungsleden
Transformation complete – Kungsleden is well-equipped for the future
Biljana Pehrsson
We are happy to be able to contribute to a new entertainment destination in Umeå by offering Jump facilities for their business. We wish them all the best of luck and a warm welcome as our tenants
says Frida Stannow Lind, Head of Property Development at Kungsleden
- We are very proud and happy to welcome these highly competent and professional people to our organisation. Both Peter, Linda, Hanna and Maria hold key positions within the company and have already started to create an increasingly effective and successful Kungsleden
CEO Biljana Pehrsson
We are pleased that we could offer Kronofogden great modern premises. We warmly welcome them as new tenants and wish them good luck in the future
Frida Stannow Lind, Head of Property Development at Kungsleden.
We welcome Structor to Enen och Kungsleden, and hope they enjoy their new premises
Frida Stannow Lind, Head of Property Development at Kungsleden
We were looking for centrally located modern premises in Södertälje. Kungsleden could offer us a very nice and well-adapted office space for our business. The premises are recently renovated overlooking the central parts of Södertälje with a great location close to public transport, which is important both from a customer- and an environmental perspective.
Maria Kavcic at Structor Södertälje AB
We have continued to optimize our property portfolio through intensive and dedicated efforts. With the current transaction, the restructuring of Kungsleden´s property holdings is completed. Our focus from now on will be to extract value and invest in our core portfolio of investment and development properties
Biljana Pehrsson, Chief Executive Officer of Kungsleden
We are very pleased that we have signed an agreement with Malmö municipality. Hyllie is an exciting neighborhood that stands out with a clear sustainability profile and a mix of housing, conference space, office and retail, completely in line with Kungsleden’s cluster vision to develop living and sustainable places that can inspire around the clock
Frida Stannow Lind, Head of Property Development Kungsleden
We are proud to have been involved in developing the old butchery building in Umeå, both from a real estate and urban development perspective – and the value that has been created. We welcome the new owners to continue the asset management of the school and to further develop the new district that we have formed together with Umeå municipality
Frida Stannow Lind, Head of Property Development at Kungsleden
We are really pleased with the location Kungsleden could offer us in Högsbo. We will establish a new 600 square meter store, where we can offer our customers a significantly larger product range than usual
Håkan Eriksson, Würth Svenska AB.
We are very pleased with our new premises and look forward to moving in. We are in an expansive stage and are pleased that Kungsleden could offer facilities better suited to our current business
Sara Tobiasson, Sunrise Medical AB
We welcome both our new and our renewed tenants to Kungsleden. We are pleased that we can offer beneficial premises and look forward to a good relationship in the future
Kicki Grönlund, Leasing Manager, Kungsleden
With the new credit commitment we achieve conditions to continue to benefit from the significant interest to invest in short term corporate loans in today's low interest-rate environment. At the same time we maintain the security in liquidity supply since the commercial papers are fully backed by this new and extended credit commitment which will also reduce ongoing commitment fee on unutilised credits
Anders Kvist, Deputy CEO and CFO Kungsleden
Kungsleden warmly welcomes H&M and looks forward to continuing to develop the Tegnér mall together with our new and existing tenants
Frida Stannow Lind, Head of Property Development at Kungsleden
We are very pleased to offer new spaces to our anchor tenants Systembolaget and Hemköp. We have now also begun the process of creating an appealing mix of shops for the other retail spaces in the mall
Marcus Lundh, Asset Manager at Kungsleden
We will be able to implement our new modern store concept at the mall, which is very positive. Hemköp’s customers are active and engaged, and our vision is to be the most popular supermarket. To achieve this, we offer a high proportion of fresh products, inspiring and modern stores, and a broad, affordable and sustainable product range
Thomas Gäreskog, CEO Hemköp
We are looking forward to moving into our new modern premises at the mall. The cooperation with Kungsleden has gone very well and we follow the project with great excitement
Ronny Fredrixon, Systembolaget
This is a way for us to continue to work with our principal approach – our cluster strategy. Amongst other things, the strategy contributes to effective property management, good local knowledge, and our ability to understand and meet the needs of our existing and prospective customers. Our clusters are unique and our two current websites differ depending on what is relevant for each cluster. We also cooperate together with other local actors to create inviting, safe and enriching locations, regardless of the time of day
Marie Mannholt, Head of Communications and Marketing at Kungsleden
The website is a way for us to communicate with our tenants. We hope it will become a natural platform for our current and future customers, where they can find vacant properties, and get to know more about us and our properties and facilities in the area
Diana Eriksson, Kungsleden's Asset Manager in Kista
We are glad to welcome Lidl’s real estate office as tenants in our new office property and we hope that they will appreciate Hyllie, which is an area that we strongly believe in, today and for the future.
Gert Ternström, Regional Manager Malmö at Kungsleden.
We are very happy to welcome Catarina and Thomas to the strategically important role as asset manager. I am confident that their extensive experience will strengthen Kungsleden’s leading position in the Mälaren Valley and further develop our offering to local clients,”
Mats Eriksson, Head of Real Estate Mälaren Valley, Kungsleden
I am very much looking forward to starting at Kungsleden, which has made an impressive journey in recent years when it comes to switching to the long-term ownership and development of real estate. It’s motivating to be part of a successful team for Västerås’ largest property owner in one of Sweden's strongest growth locations
Catarina Lundén
It’s going to be exciting to develop the cluster Västerås City and create an even more attractive offering for new and current tenants. I also look forward to contributing with my experience to the team in Västerås and being a part of Kungsleden's corporate culture with values such as professionalism, consideration and joy
Thomas Lundin
We welcome Mölndals Däckservice as a tenant of ours
Patrick Bernvid, Asset Manager at Kungsleden
We are pleased that Kungsleden was able to provide us with suitable premises in a good location in Mölndal. We are a modern service station that offers everything from car services and repairs to the changing of tires and the storage of tires in our tire hotel. Accessibility and good facilities are prerequisites for our business
Magnus Stenblock, CEO of Mölndals Däckservice
We are happy about our partnership with an ambitious tenant that wants to contribute of Västerås City. For Kungsleden, it is important to have a strong hotel operator that constantly strives to develop its concepts and business. This initiative is further proof that the area is sought after and that Kungsleden is an attractive development partner
Mats Eriksson, Head of Real Estate Mälaren Valley at Kungsleden.
The prolonged cooperation enables us to invest in a completely new and unique spa experience, complete the renovation of all 202 rooms and corridors, and build an entirely new hotel entrance. All this makes our accommodation even more attractive to guests. I have wanted to take this step for a long time and it is fantastic to be able to realize it together with Kungsleden
Tobias Hultberg, CEO of Hotel Plaza, Aros Congress Center and Hotel Esplanade.
It feels great that we have found a property that meets our needs in Gärdet/Frihamnen. The fact that the neighbourhood is a media cluster suits us very well. Besides, we have already used studio premises in Rotterdam 1, so we are very familiar with them
Per Tellander, CEO at Kanal 75
We are very pleased to welcome Kanal 75 as a tenant. I hope and believe they will feel at home in Gärdet/Frihamnen, which is one of our priority clusters with great future prospects and an excellent location, close to Stockholms city, water and green spaces,
Sven Stork, Head of Real Estate Stockholm at Kungsleden
It's really gratifying to see so many of our employees on the leaderboard. A great tribute to our fantastic leasing team! Having a strong leasing organisation is very important for us as a long-term property owner with a focus on customer needs
Biljana Pehrsson, CEO Kungsleden
One of our key success factors is that we manage to be responsive to the needs of both existing and potential customers. This is facilitated by an increasingly concentrated real estate portfolio and a leasing team with really good local knowledge
Lena Bredberg, Leasing Manager Kungsleden
”The Welandson family has been a shareholder of Kungsleden for several years over which we have gradually increased our ownership position. To us, this is a strategic and long-term holding. I am supportive of both Kungsleden´s new strategy and the transformation work that the board and senior management have completed over these years. Looking forward, we intend to keep our long-term ownership interest and we support the board´s proposal for a rights issue. As an expression of our support, we have committed to subscribe for the new shares pro-rata to our current shareholding and will underwrite the rights issue. We see this as a step towards further strengthening Kungsleden’s financial position as well as securing the Company´s strategy and future”.
Gösta Welandson, largest shareholder in Kungsleden
”Today, Kungsleden is a high-quality property company which aims to deliver attractive total returns to our shareholders and build sustainable shareholder value. I am pleased that our main shareholder Gösta Welandson has expressed his support for the strategy developed by the board and management, and that he is willing to back the proposed rights issue. The rights issue will strengthen the Company´s financial position and enables reduction of financial leverage. Kungsleden will continue to refine its property portfolio and aims for financially disciplined growth. We have identified a large number of organic investment opportunities in the existing property portfolio, resulting not least from strong new lettings in 2016. Furthermore, we are continuously exploring selective and strategic add-on acquisitions in our clusters, of which the acquisition of Emporia Office in Hyllie in Malmö is a recent example”.
Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Kungsleden
JumpYard is going to be a trampoline park for everyone. The guests, everyone from children’s parties to corporate parties, will experience something new and really fun here. We’ve spent 18 months searching for the perfect location for a trampoline park in Stockholm, and we’ve finally found our dream space.
Pelle Möller and Anders Karlberg
I’m extremely pleased that we’ve been able to help JumpYard find a space that suits their operation and that has a location that will be a new destination for many Stockholmers in the future. We wish them the best of luck with this exciting new concept, and warmly welcome them as our tenant
Sven Stork, regional manager of Stockholm at Kungsleden
Ulrica Sjöswärd is highly experienced when it comes to property management and has a thorough knowledge of the property market in Gothenburg and southwest Sweden. With the addition of Ulrica, Kungsleden will gain a Head of Real Estate capable of leading the new asset management unit into the next growth phase. I’m delighted that Ulrica has chosen to join us and we welcome her to the team
Biljana Pehrsson, CEO at Kungsleden