Kungsleden renting to Vivaldi restaurant in Finnslätten, Västerås

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Kungsleden’s Finnslätten cluster in Västerås is being developed to meet tomorrow’s needs and attract more high-tech companies to the area. Part of this venture includes expanding the range of services. Kungsleden is now renting 432 sq.m. in the Finnslätten 1 property to the Vivaldi restaurant, which is opening an Italian restaurant with a bakery and café.

“Many of our tenants in Finnslätten are industry leaders. To help them become attractive employers and appeal to tomorrow’s talent, and to make Finnslätten an attractive location for more world-leading high-tech companies, the availability of services in this area is an important piece of the puzzle. We therefore see the opening of Vivaldi as a major step in the right direction and something that will give the area a boost,” says Mats Eriksson, Regional Manager Mälardalen, at Kungsleden.

Vivaldi has occupied the premises, which are located centrally in Finnslätten, and will open a restaurant, bakery and café before the turn of the year.

“We are following the development of Finnslätten and see major potential for running a business like this in the area. We are looking forward to opening very soon and welcoming our guests,” says Andreas Eroglu, owner of Vivaldi.

The area is set to grow with new business premises, services, restaurants, meeting places, parks, schools and housing. The number of jobs has already risen from 5,000 to nearly 10,000 and in the future, some 40,000 workers will be based in the area.

For more information, please contact:

Mats Eriksson, Regional Manager Mälardalen, Kungsleden, +46 70 588 79 99, mats.eriksson@kungsleden.se

Linda Morén, Communication and Marketing Manager Mälardalen Region, Kungsleden, +46 76 20 66 780, linda.moren@kungsleden.se

Anna Trane, Head of Corporate Communications, Kungsleden +46 708 84 74 69, anna.trane@kungsleden.se

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