Kungsleden signs five new leases in Västerås

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Kungsleden has signed five new lease contracts in Västerås comprising 2,200 sq.m. of office space. The leases, which pertain to the centrally located Ottar 5, Lorens 14 and Mimer 5 properties, have terms of four to five years and correspond to an annual rental value of approximately SEK 5.9 million.

“Västerås is one of our prioritised growth regions and we are working actively to develop our properties for new and existing tenants. We are very pleased to be able to welcome two new tenants and also expand our relationship with existing tenants,” says Mats Eriksson, Regional Manager Västerås/Mälardalen at Kungsleden.

The new tenants are health care company DBI, which will lease 460 sq.m. in Lorens 14 and Schysst käk Sverige, which is moving into 242 sq.m. of office space in the modern and new concept B26 in Mimer 5. Joliv will lease 439 sq.m. in Ottar 5 for its business in IT support for the health and social care sector. In addition, the IT consultancy CGI is expanding its office space to 226 sq.m. in Ottar 5, and the auditing and advisory company KPMG is adjusting their 856 sq.m. office space in Lorens 14.

“We have had offices in the property for a long time and appreciate both the building and the location. We have had very constructive cooperation with Kungsleden now that we have had the need to change our office space,” says Per Sundberg, Head of Real Estate at KPMG.

Melkerhuset (Ottar 5) has leasable space of 20,405 sq.m. and an occupancy rate of 95 per cent. Skrapan (Lorens 14) has a leasable space of 26,067 sq.m. and, in conjunction with these leases, an occupancy rate of 98 per cent. The leasable space in Mimer 5, which B26 is a part of, comprises 88,201 sq.m. and has an occupancy rate of 94 per cent.

Västerås is Sweden’s sixth largest city, with excellent transport connections to Stockholm and with the Mälardalen region. Kungsleden is the city’s largest commercial property owner, with 575,000 sq.m. of office, retail, and industrial/warehouse spaces in Västerås. With strategic locations close to the central railway station and well-known properties such as Skrapan, the Mimer block and the Melker building, Kungsleden can offer unique and modern office premises, while at the same time, actively contributing to the development of central Västerås.

For more information, please contact:

Mats Eriksson, Regional Manager Västerås/Mälardalen Kungsleden | +46 21 44 85 40 | mats.eriksson@kungsleden.se
Anna Trane, Head of Corporate Communications, Kungsleden| +46 8 502 052 20| anna.trane@kungsleden.se

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