Kungsleden signs new lease contracts with ABB and NKT in Alingsås

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Kungsleden is extending and expanding lease contracts with ABB and NKT in the Bulten 1 property situated in Alingsås.  A new warehouse and logistics centre will be constructed to meet tenant requirements.


“It is incredibly pleasing that ABB and NKT are making investments to expand production in the property, and that we can be part of the process as a property owner and support the tenants’ operations. New jobs will also be created, which is positive for Alingsås,” says Ulrica Sjöswärd, Regional Manager, Gothenburg/Malmö at Kungsleden.

Kungsleden has signed a ten-year lease contract for 8,019 sq.m. with ABB with a total annual rent of SEK 12.6 million. In conjunction with the contract, Kungsleden will construct a new warehouse comprising around 540 sq.m.

NKT, which is a leading supplier of cables to the energy industry, has previously subleased from ABB, but has now signed a ten-year lease contract for 10,738 sq.m. with a total annual rent of approximately SEK 14 million. As a result of the contract, Kungsleden will construct a new logistics centre comprising around 1,200 sq.m. to meet NKT’s requirements.

The Bulten 1 property is located in Sävelund Industrial Park in east Alingsås, approximately 40 kilometres from Gothenburg. The facility was constructed in 1990 and, in addition to ABB’s and NKT’s operations, is also home to a restaurant. The property is fully leased.

For more information, please contact:

Ulrica Sjöswärd, Regional Manager Gothenburg/Malmö, Kungsleden, +46 31 755 56 31, ulrica.sjosward@kungsleden.se
Anna Trane, Head of Corporate Communications, Kungsleden, Tel. +46 70 884 74 69, anna.trane@kungsleden.se

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