Death Row Exonerees Need $5,000 by October 21st to Tell All

3 Death Row exonerees, Ron Keine, Shujaa Graham and Delbert Tibbs seek funding for a tour that will tell the struggles of a person who has been exonerated from Death Row.

Ron Keine, Shujaa Graham and Delbert Tibbs have a little under two weeks left to secure the $5,000 needed to fund their project ‘On The Road With Death Row Exonerees’. The three exonerees launched a crowdfunding campaign, via Kickstarter, to help them obtain the money needed to fund a speaking tour that will enlighten the public about the difficulties exonerees face when they try to reintegrate with society. The $5,000 target must be reached by October 21, 2013, if the project is to go ahead.

The tour starts in Detroit with Ron Keine, who was exonerated from death row and released in 1976 after it was found that a law enforcement officer was actually responsible for the crime Keine and his co-defendants allegedly committed. After he is finished in Detroit, Keine will head to Chicago, where he will stop to pick up Delbert Tibbs and Shujaa Graham. Tibbs was released after the Florida State Supreme Court eventually overturned his conviction that was thought to be severely biased. Graham had spent most of his juvenile life in and out of prison but when he was framed for the murder of a prison guard in 1973, Graham was given the death sentence. Due to the district attorney excluding all African American jurors for Graham’s trial, the California Supreme Court overturned the death sentence and eventually, in 1981, Graham was finally found innocent and released from prison.

Throughout the tour, the exonerees will meet with supporters of the anti-death penalty movement and speak at conferences about their own experiences. The trio will also meet with other exonerees and speak openly with the public about the trials and tribulations any exonerated person has to go through when they come back to society. Funds will be used for travel expenses and as emergency funds should anything untoward happen on the journey. Backers of the project can receive a range of goods from their names being included on the closing credits of the documentary itself to a signed special edition DVD of the tour and one of the exonerees’ speaking at an event of the investor’s choice.

Keine, Graham and Tibbs say that “the death penalty is the only injustice that cannot be put right”. Their tour is a stand against wrongful convictions, the stigma that wrongfully convicted innocent people face from society and the finality of the death sentence.


Ron Keine, Delbert Tibbs and Shujaa Graham were all wrongfully convicted of crimes and were given the death penalty. Now, the exonerees are working hard to abolish the death penalty, which would have ultimately resulted in them and other innocent men like them dying for no reason. To find out more about the project and how to contribute, visit:

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The death penalty is the only injustice that cannot be put right
Keine, Graham and Tibbs