With iCall, there is never a gotcha moment of a sky-high phone bill. You can place your phone call as long as you have credit on the app, even if you lack credit on a prepaid cell phone because iCall doesn’t use your minutes.
Call2World Project Manager Julia Vreintaal
Jennifer Peters
We want to deliver good food for the planet and enable consumers to Just BE Cared for, because everyone is worthy of eating quality food
Our generators use fossil fuels 30 percent more efficiently than our competitors.
Heiko Beilfuss
Don Bacon
Not only does my invention make hitting the right chord easy, it also enables users to play the one, three, and five strings and the two, four, and six strings with one finger.
If you love traditional space games, you’re going to love this one.
Phillip Emmons
Rather than replace a musician’s favorite software, Vapor is designed to enhance music software. It can be used offline or online and allows users to compose music on the same software simultaneously.
Pierre Seylan
Cat is having a difficult time with the abstract idea of trying to solve her own thought processes. The hypnotic and repetitive walking motion of her journey helps Cat exist in the present moment and return her focus to find peace.
Eric Lindstrom
The OBO Pearl extends the pleasure of perfuming skin, Using a sensual gesture, the Pearl brings body and fragrance into a perfect union.
Julien Cohen of OBO
Our big dream is to have the Magnetic Cloth Rail in sinks all around the world
After experiencing the great East Japan earthquake in 2011, I was immediately turned on to solar power and how it could be used in an emergency situation.
Vincenzo Lufino
Our product puts the tools and the knowledge needed to help someone experiencing cardiac arrest conveniently into the public area
Patrick Holota, HELP project master
Smart-Me is an energy and power meter, a remote switch, a time switch and a temperature meter, all in one device
Co-Founder of Smart-Me, David Eberli
This product features the same versatility as the GrOpener, but can be carried around with you so you have a one-handed bottle opener on the go.
Mark Manger
An uninterrupted power supply protects a computer’s operating system as well as the data it houses
MicroUPS creator Marek Florianczyk
Our hope is to infuse an appreciation of art into everyone’s daily lives by creating a new type of street wear that makes a positive social impact
Natalia Gonzalez Chavez
The placement of our weights ensures that the joints and the muscles are working together, Because the joints are load-free, muscle fiber is built faster, which means that you see an immediate effect on your body when you remove the weighted system.
Patrick Whaley
There is so much good that we can do in this world, especially for our nation’s vets.
Vet Chefs’ founder Oliver Tanner
There has never been a company quite like Vet Chefs.
Vet Chefs’ founder Oliver Tanner
With the push of a button, the Lovethink Pillow is a custom-made sleep product. The correct pillow can not only provide a better night’s sleep but also prevent the habit of snoring and cervical spondylosis – arthritis of the neck.
Wang Jesun
The possibilities are endless.
Rahul Dharod
MiKord doesn’t take all the effort out of playing the guitar. It just lets users spend their time learning the fun part of playing the guitar while they make music and play real songs.
Red Flare project leader Ian Harrison
Echo Connect is small enough to go anywhere on your keychain, and it is resilient enough to live in your pocket or bag until you need it. It is the ultimate in convenience.
Echo Connect Project Director Matthew Jones
After a bunch of tests, versions and prototypes, we can proudly present to you our third round prototype which is ready for mass production. We’re excited because we are almost ready to enter the market.” A release is expected in May 2014.
co-founder and COO Szesztay
The beauty of this app is that users don’t have to be professional sales people to sell an item. If you have a laptop or a Smartphone going unused, Bidween will help you turn those items into cash.
Ali Dahesh
Sincerely, Me touches on sensitive issues many teens experience in high school, From bullying and suicidal thoughts to making friends and fitting in, everything Johnson faces is a snapshot from either my own life or the life of people I have known.
Des Matelske
The cost of making an independent film is great—there are many hidden costs. Most of these costs occur post production and we need the public’s help to bring this film to the finish line.
Director, Writer, and Producer Eric B. Hughes
I believe in this movie, and I believe in everyone who worked tirelessly to make this film happen,
Director, Writer, and Producer Eric B. Hughes
My app is something smart phone enthusiasts as well as social media enthusiasts can rally behind. It’s targeted. It’s personal. It’s innovative.
Micah Davis
We were so moved by the way Buddha conveys love, kindness and peace that we felt compelled to do something with the Buddhist life philosophy
Justin de Graaf
My First Buddha is our way of contributing to a better world.
Justin de Graaf
When you reach 74 years of age, having lost it all - including two wives to cancer – you realize life has not been as glamorous as some may think
Gino Federici
We strongly believe that living a quality life at home is better than uprooting and moving to assisted living, while assisting with daily activities, our caregivers teach seniors how to contribute towards their own health
Errol Morgan
We’re hoping to launch a few new products for the summer line, there is a huge market for unique clothing lines just like ours. Now we just need the funds to bring these products to the market.
Dee Mac
We originally wanted to get rid of wall charging completely. This is as close a solution as we have, while still retaining all the features of good design and not having to take of your phone skin while using it
T. Ken, Product Developer,
The problem with Powerbanks or back-up batteries are that you’d have to carry two devices everywhere you go. And these back-up power devices themselves need to be charged at some point. Our product allows for charging anywhere via solar power and you only carry a single item in your pocket with no unsightly wires or cables
T. Ken, Product Developer,
The show is meant to be comedic, but still highlight one of the best writers in English history, We don’t condone alcoholism or excessive drinking in any way. This is just a new way to produce Shakespeare and get away from the been there, done that routine. It’s ‘Drunk History’ meets ‘Abridged Shakespeare’
Scott Griffin, producer of Drunk Shakespeare.
Bustershot started as a Megaman fan club.
Jose Ramon Cordero Ladner
I have been personally tutoring students since 2006, but I wanted to help students on a much larger scale.
When you look at the five things that it takes for hair growth -- stimulation, circulation, acceleration, moisture and nutrition -- all of our products constantly give you those 5 characteristics.
Roger Gore
Imagine creating your own real-time CGI movie just by using your computer’s webcam. With FaceRig people can become digital actors, embody characters they know and love and have fun as they see fit.
FaceRig representative
HOYO is the perfect accessory in any bathroom, it’s right up there with a towel rack and soap dispenser.
HOYO Co-Founder George Sheety
The HOYO is ideal for use in the shower, the kitchen, and the garden. We are excited to hear from our Kickstarter backers how they use their HOYOs.
HOYO Co-Founder George Sheety
Samuel Gottschall’s choral works are unique – nothing like them exist elsewhere in the Jewish Liturgy, or, indeed in the entire musical world.
Gayther Myers
This device will change the way people back up, protect, organize, view, and share all of their digital photos.
Charles Huang
Finally, kids are going to look forward to showering and it’s going to alleviate a lot of stress for parents, Soapets is my dream in the making.
Allan Rubinfeld
Great idea. Your device would have saved me from getting 2nd degree burns on my legs when I knocked over a cup of steaming coffee! It was extremely painful, took a long time to heal, and left bad scarring on my legs.
—DK, Connecticut
I spilled hot chocolate on my precious Mac Air and fried it. It started making a low sizzling noise and then the screen went snowy. Finally, it died in my arms. 

I went to the Apple Store clutching the computer to my chest. . . . where a 19-year-old pried the computer out of my sweaty hands and took it to a back room to crack it open. He returned to give me the bad news: the patient is dead. In fact, it's still wet inside. But for a mere $775 he can send it to California where the nice Apple people will try to revive it. That might take 3 weeks or so. . . . 

 I could spend almost $800 to try to repair the computer, or for $1000 I could buy a new one. Or I could have used a Vector Cupholder and saved myself the expense, the aggravation and the trip to the Apple Store.
—PD, Maine
You know what? I'm glad you have this clip for drinks. I was at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and this guy came in because he spilled juice on his PowerBook. He called tech support for help. What he told me is God's Honest Truth, something I swear happened ON MY MOTHER'S GRAVE: The tech support rep told him to PUT HIS POWERBOOK IN AN OVEN. The guy did, and it melted one of the typewriter keys. The look on that guy's face was anger: Anger at himself, anger at the tech support rep, anger at the whole world. I wanted to wish him good luck, but he disappeared upstairs to the Genius Bar, and I never saw him again.
—MB, Illinois
Like Legos or IKEA furniture, assembling something yourself makes having it more rewarding - even if it’s just the last few steps.
David Laituri
For many, building a simple bird house was part of growing up and using tools for the first time. Brdi combines that joy of making something yourself with enjoying nature right outside the window. Brdi holds alot of seed, is durable and extremely stable – even with larger birds.
David Laituri
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