DrinClock Crowdfunding Campaign Underway

Alarm-Thermal Mug Device Aims to Kick Off Healthy Mornings

Taiwan – the DrinClock team has launched an active crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its product DrinClock, the new device that is an alarm clock with a built in thermal module that conveniently heats up a mug of water.The DrinClock teamhas announced that it will operate the Kickstarter campaign for DrinClock until [12/22/2015].

“We are thrilled to see the start of our Kickstarter campaign in order to bring DrinClock to market at long last,” said DrinClock’s Project Management Lead Rick Yen. “After months and months of development, it brings us great pleasure to see this campaign get underway and we are excited to watch the response from the online community that is looking to make their mornings better.”

DrinClock was designed to do away with the extra steps and additional effort needed to get into the kitchen to make a warm mug of water on dry, cold mornings. But no matter the time of day, the new device conveniently allows users to enjoy a warm mug of water from the comfort of their bed, couch, or wherever they desire.

Mind, body, and mornings will be instantly boosted when drinking warm water with lemon from DrinClock just after waking up, as stated in numerous health studies. Whether it’s used for weight loss, cleansing the body, balancing pH levels, a digestion aid, skincare protection, and/or reducing pain and inflammation, the benefits of drinking warm lemon water to start the day seem endless.

DrinClock simplifies it all in three quick steps, starting with filling the mug with water, closing the lid, and setting the temperature and alarm clock. The water is heated in the mug before the alarm clock turns on, and the user is greeted with a warm mug of water when they wake up to the alarm.

The creators of DrinClock guarantee that the efficient and time saving new device will never spill, misalign, or tilt while in use. The design is intended for 100 percent safety and comes equipped with a special secure safety lock. Users can sleep soundly knowing that their morning will kick off on the right foot by having DrinClock by their side.

The DrinClock teamis currently offering special discounts for supporters of the crowdfunding campaign in advance of the campaign’s completion on [12/22/2015]. For more information about DrinClock and to stay updated on the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, log onto http://www.drinclock.com, like DrinClock on Facebook or follow @drinclock on Twitter.

About DrinClock

The DrinClock combines the uses of an alarm clock and thermal module in one device to heat up a cup of water before waking. For more information, log onto http://www.drinclock.com, “like” DrinClock on Facebook or follow @drinclock on Twitter.

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