Safe Cut: the Innovative Protective Barrier for Lawn Care

With a solution to protecting children and others during lawn maintenance, Safe Cut can be used in both home and commercial applications.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – It is difficult to force children to stay inside when lawn work is being done. Safe Cut provides a physical barrier so that children and others will not be harmed while an individual is doing lawn maintenance. The creator of the patent-pending product has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise financial support for the further development and future manufacturing of the product. The campaign is planned to launch on on the 12th of May 2015. The campaign has a goal of $30,000 and is offering many special perks to its supporters.

When children are around lawn mowing and trimming, they can become injured because they are often unaware of their surroundings while playing, and those performing the work may not hear or see others near them. Regular lawn mowing and trimming may cause rocks and other debris to shoot up from the equipment, which can harm those surrounding the work. There are documented cases in which weed trimmer blades have detached during operation, causing serious injury to bystanders. Safe Cut helps protect individuals from fly away machinery parts and debris and provides a temporary fence so that children and others may not run into the equipment.

Safe Cut is made with a protective net and three telescoping poles, which sit on tripod legs. The legs can be adjusted to make the netting level with the ground and will securely fasten into the ground by stepping on the integrated protrusions. Made with a retractable nylon mesh net, which is stored inside the two end posts, the Safe Cut has a quick set-up time. The design of the temporary fence will also allow the net to extend upward, creating an overhang, which catches flying debris. The barrier can be easily stored once it is retracted. It folds in upon itself, providing a neat and compact package inside the provided storage case.

The new protective barrier can be used at home or in hotels and other commercial settings. Supporters of the Safe Cut campaign will be the first to own the new equipment. Visit to learn more.

AboutSafe Cut:

Safe Cut was created by Sherwin Boyce, a father of two boys and husband. The ex-soldier is a former finalist in the Inaugural Prime Minister’s National Innovative Competition in Barbados. With 10 years of military experience, Boyce has worked in the hotel and travel industries. He was formally the councilor and treasurer for the St. Michael Central Consistency Council. For more information about Safe Cut, contact 

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Press Contact: Sherwin Boyce


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