Smartnanny Ready to Begin Crowdsourcing Efforts on Kickstarter

Intelligent Cradle designer launches Indiegogo campaign in May

Berlin, Germany  — June 26, 2015 — European manufacturer, Luginin, would like to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign supporting their intelligent cradle, Smartnanny. Their Kickstarter campaign will feature videos that detail device operation and simulated use. The Smartnanny is complemented by a specifically designed smartphone application, which will also be featured on the Kickstarter campaign site.  The inventor of the Smartnanny created the adaptive baby basket when his sleepless son could not be consoled.  The intelligent infant device soothes babies and learns their distress responses. “I didn’t find any device that could solve my son’s sleeplessness, so I decided to build an intelligent baby basket. I started with a simple baby basket and started building the first Smartnanny,” says Val, creator of Smartnanny.

According to Smartnanny research, the device can determine the reason for an infant’s cry with 90% accuracy. The reason the cradle is considered “smart” is because it can differentiate the meanings behind an infant’s various cries. Using the companion smartphone application, Smartnanny analyzes why the baby is crying. This feature prevents parents from waking up if a baby simply needs soothing to get back to sleep. The motion is designed to simulate the same motion of a parent rocking a baby. A caregiver begins by putting the baby in the basket and then chooses a timer setting. The timer setting controls the length of time the basket motion feature will last. Once the time has elapsed the basket will stop; however, if your baby wakes and begins crying, the rocking motion will automatically resume. The basket may also be manually rocked.

Smartnanny is different from other electronic baby baskets because it has an embedded acoustic sensor that automatically switches on the motor if the baby cries during the night. Babies cry for various reasons, and the Smartnanny app lets you know if your baby is hungry, sleepy, stressed, bored, or uncomfortable. The Babyphone feature can be programmed to send a message to your phone or even call a phone number. This innovative technology is only available through the Smartnanny Indiegogo campaign.

For additional information about the Smartnanny adaptive baby basket or the Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign, please visit their website at or their company website:

About the Luginin and Smartnanny

Smartnanny is a division of the German manufacturing company, Luginin, specializing in the development of high-tech solutions for large companies. The development of Smartnanny was comprised of a team of German engineers.

The company that started as a hobby has grown into a worldwide childcare product solution.



Contact Person Smartnanny:

Contact Person: Val Lugin


Phone: +4930555752751

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