Space Adventure Game Archangel 2: Red Colony Debuts Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

The point & click space exploration title will be in full 3D and is slated for a July 2014 release date on multiple gaming platforms.

Ramat Gan, ISRAEL - The two-man team behind Archangel: Martian Orbit has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the second installment of their point & click space adventure series. With a $38,000 goal, the developers are planning to make Archangel 2: Red Colony in full 3D and more interactive than its predecessor. The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo runs until October 27, 2013, 11: 59 pm PT.

The developers have opted for a flexible campaign, which means that they will receive all the funds raised even if they don’t meet their goal. Backers can get their own digital copy of Archangel 2 for Windows, Mac or Linux for as little as $5. “The fact that the development team consists of only two members is helping us keep the prices low,” said Israel-based game designer Dmitry Baklanov, who is responsible for the concept, the 3D rendering and the animation, among others. “But it is still a high-quality product that will appeal to gamers and sci-fi aficionados alike.”

Baklanov and his partner, Greek programmer George Kazamias, are planning to launch Archangel 2 in July 2014. Just like its predecessor, which is expected to go into Android beta testing this month, the new title will be available for all mobile platforms, as well as for PC, Mac and Linux.

Archangel 2 will be developed in full 3D and will allow gamers to explore and interact more with the environment. The game’s universe has also been expanded beyond the interior of a spaceship to include the surface of Mars as well. “NASA footage of the Cydonia region will be at the foundation of our 3D rendering of the Martian surface. While the main puzzle in the first game was a huge spaceship, in the sequel it will be the surface of the Red Planet, with its structures,” Baklanov added.

The second installment in the series will also feature more characters that will be able to speak and interact with each other. The storyline will not be as linear as the first game either, and will give players the possibility of playing different game segments in different ways. The game will be set in an alternative, future world where Mars is already being colonized. Archangel 2 will be suitable for all ages, as this point & click space adventure game will not include any horror elements and will primarily consist of logic and memory training tasks.

All the funds raised through the Indiegogo campaign will be used to purchase additional software and 3D rendering equipment to further expand and improve the game. Backers will get various “perks” that include character figures, key holders and other physical gifts, besides their own copy of the game. Those who pledge $1,500 and upwards will also be given the opportunity to influence the game’s development and storyline.

About the developers

Dmitry Baklanov is the game’s creator and is in charge of all aspects related to 3D design and animation. He is also responsible for the game’s sound effects and music for the time being. George Kazamias is an experienced programmer whose main responsibility will be to create the final product and make it suitable for multiple gaming platforms. More details about the team and their projects are available on their website at and on the dedicated Facebook page.  

Press Contact: Dmitry Baklanov


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NASA footage of the Cydonia region will be at the foundation of our 3D rendering of the Martian surface. While the main puzzle in the first game was a huge spaceship, in the sequel it will be the surface of the Red Planet, with its structures.
Dmitry Baklanov