Stiicker Provides New Way to Mount Phone or Tablet

A magnetic mount holder for electronic devices, Stiicker has a crowdfunding campaign to help bring the second generation of the product to market.

UNITED KINGDOMIn this age of hand-held devices, sometimes users need to work hands-free with their smartphones or tablets. Stiicker provides an ultra-thin and unique mounting system product for smartphones and tablets, and its creators have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help launch the second generation model of their product.

Made from a developed neodymium magnetic foil designed to be the strongest permanent magnet on the market, Stiicker is many times stronger than a regular magnet so it can reliably hold a mobile phone or tablet for a hands-free experience. “With Stiicker, your device can act as a kitchen television, gaming console, satellite navigation device, or countless other possibilities,” said creator Juraj Spanik.

Having sold more than 10,000 of the first generation model of Stiicker, the product’s creators have designed the new, second generation model to be 25 percent thinner and 40 percent stronger making it more resistant. “Our second generation model measures 0.55mm thick, which is unbelievably thin, especially for the strength of the magnetic hold,” said Spanik. “The newest model is simply safer and better than the previous model – it’s the best device holder ever made.”

Stiicker has no effect on a device’s functionality and is compatible with all models of phones and tablets – anything with a flat back surface. For mounting on a non-magnetic surface, users can utilize Stiicker’s metal base, which is made from 3M brand tape. Stiicker comes in four different colors – super black, medium purple, zest green, and polar white – or can be personalized with a corporate logo or other design.

Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will enjoy special early bird pricing. Those giving £9 will receive one mobile Stiicker and four bases in their choice of the four standard colors while those giving £13 will receive one tablet Stiicker and four bases in their choice of the four standard colors. Supporters contributing £16 will receive one mobile Stiicker and four bases in a design of their choosing, and those contributing £19 will receive one tablet Stiicker and four bases in a design of their choosing.

For those early bird supporters wanting a combination pack of one mobile and one tablet Stiicker with corresponding four bases each, they can get them in their choice of four standard colors for £22 or in a design of their choosing for £29.

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