Take It Easy App Could Help Prove Liability after Auto Accidents

Take It Easy mobile application will help drivers involved in an auto accident to exchange all insurance details in under one minute.

A team from Tel Aviv, Israel, has been working on a mobile application that will help parties involved in an auto accident exchange their insurance details accurately and quickly. The team is seeking financial backing to finish development of the app as well as an add-on that could actually take real time pictures of an accident from the moment of impact, even if the driver isn’t in the vehicle at the time of the accident, possibly helping to prove liability. Take It Easy hopes to raise $200,000 by November 28, 2013.

The Take It Easy team says that the app is designed to help minimize the stress and confusion that naturally follows a car accident. The job of exchanging insurance details can be done in under a minute with all necessary parties receiving complete reports.

  1. Immediately after the accident, driver 1 uses the Take It Easy app and enters the other driver’s (driver 2) license number.

  2. Driver 2 receives an SMS with a code.

  3. Driver 1 types the code into their phone and all the relevant insurance details from driver 2 is sent to driver 1’s registered email address as well as their insurance company.

  4. Driver 2 also gets a report sent to their phone as well as their insurance company.

  5. Photos, videos and eye witness interviews can be taken at the scene and attached to each report before it is sent to all parties.

Developers hope to gain enough funds to work on a micro camera add-on which will work by taking pictures of the accident as it happens in real time. The 360 degree fish eye camera would be activated on impact and take a series of photographs that could ascertain how the impact happened. The automatic activation feature means that situations where a stationary car was hit by another could be recorded and details could be sent even if the accident happened when the driver wasn’t in the car.

To work, the application will build a database from insurance companies in order to obtain information from the license plate. The developers of the application have been in contact with several insurance companies in Israel, 50% of who have agreed to work with the team. In addition to this, they plan on meeting with insurance companies across the US, Europe and Asia. Money raised from the Indiegogo campaign will go towards finishing the development of the application itself, travelling abroad to meet with business contacts, and the development of the micro camera add-on. Investors will be able to choose from a range of perks which include 100% payment of a year’s vehicle insurance. Shay Gavriely, partner within the Take It Easy team, has said “With Take It Easy, exchanging details takes less than a minute, allowing us to leave the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. It keeps us and the other drivers safer.”


Take It Easy is the creation of a team of individuals from Tel Avive who are dedicated to improving the safety of drivers by improving the efficiency of the insurance swapping process after an auto accident. To learn more about the project and how you can help, visit: www.indiegogo.com/projects/take-it-easy

Press Contact: Shay Gavriely

Email: shaigav@gmail.com

Phone: +972546440877

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With Take It Easy, exchanging details takes less than a minute, allowing us to leave the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. It keeps us and the other drivers safer.
Shay Gavriely