Chinese ambassador studies food production in Skåne

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China’s ambassador to Sweden, Gui Congyou, visited several farms and production facilities in and around Kristianstad yesterday, to gain a more in-depth knowledge of Swedish food production. Increased trade between Sweden and China was the focus when hosting companies Lantmännen, HKScan and the meat and processed meat group KCF, gave the ambassador a guided tour.

On the 17th of September, Lantmännen, HKScan and KCF, arranged a field trip to Kristianstad for Gui Congyou, the Chinese ambassador to Sweden,. The purpose of the visit was to gain a better understanding of Swedish food production and strengthen cooperative ties between Chinese authorities and the Swedish food industry. The aim is to facilitate the export of more Swedish food products, such as oats and pork, to China.

During the visit, the ambassador was able to follow the entire pork production chain, from farm to abattoir and then to the finished products. The day began with a visit to a farm that specialises in pig breeding. The livestock care that characterizes Swedish pig farming – with high animal welfare, disease control and the low use of antibiotics – was apparent to the ambassador and his staff. The tour continued to the HKScan factory in Kristianstad where slaughtering and meat cutting was demonstrated.

“It was a privilege to be invited to present our production and the ambitious work we are doing with regards to animal welfare, food safety and sustainable meat production. We are now preparing for exporting to China and developing our production and product range adapted to Chinese market demands,” says Sofia Hyléen Toresson, CEO of HKScan Sweden.

The day concluded at Mosslunda Farm south of Kristianstad, where the production of grain and poultry was shown. The farm is run by Per Lindahl, Chair of the Lantmännen Board.

“The visit was very much appreciated and gave us an opportunity to showcase sustainable Swedish food production. Lantmännen is actively working towards increased trade in farming commodities and food between Sweden and China, and this type of knowledge exchange is an important part of the process. Sweden has very high animal welfare standards and supplies grain and meat products of very high quality, which we hope to also be able to offer to Chinese consumers, once we have been approved for exports to China,” says Lindahl.

At present, Sweden is not licensed to export oats and pork to China. With regard to the process of obtaining export approval for Swedish oats and pork, protocols have been negotiated for signing. Once these respective protocols have been signed, each individual production facility will be subject to inspection by and the approval of the Chinese authorities before exports can commence.

“Exactly when Swedish export of pork can begin is as yet unclear. The Swedish companies are prepared for trade with China and ready to start exporting as soon as all the approvals are in place,” says Magnus Därth, CEO of KCF.

In addition to Gui Congyou and his staff, Swedish Board of Agriculture Director General Christina Nordin, Swedish National Food Administration Director General Annica Sohlström, government national coordinator for food exports, Johan Krallis-Anell, Håkan Henriksson, Chief Veterinary Surgeon, as well as representatives of Lantmännen, KCF and HKScan also participated in the tour.

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