Jan-Erik Hansson proposed as new member of the Lantmännen board

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Lantmännen hereby presents the nomination committee proposals for the new board, and Jan-Erik Hansson, Färila, is proposed as new member of the Board of Directors.

The Lantmännen board currently comprises Per Lindahl, chair, Hans Wallemyr, deputy chair and directors Gunilla Aschan, Jenny Bengtsson, Sonat Burman-Olsson, Johan Bygge, Jan Ehrensvärd, Henrik Wahlberg and Per Wijkander, plus three employee representatives.

Ahead of the Association Annual Meeting of 5 May 2022, the nomination committee proposes the re-election of Sonat Burman-Olsson, Jan Ehrensvärd, and Per Wijkander, plus the election of Jan-Erik Hansson as a new director. Sitting director Hans Wallemyr has announced he does not wish to seek re-election. The other directors are elected until 2023. The nomination committee also proposes the re-election of elected auditors Maude Fyrenius, Kristina Glantz Nilsson, and Jimmy Grinsvall.

“Jan-Erik Hansson is an entrepreneur who is tremendously engaged in Swedish agriculture, and has been an active and driving force in many organizations linked to green enterprises. Jan-Erik’s past experience as a director of international cooperative companies will be of immense value to Lantmännen. His wide-ranging know-how and commitment to the competitiveness of agriculture will be extremely important in board work at a time when Lantmännen continues to work in line with its long-term strategic direction, Field to Fork 2030,” says Göran Brynell, chair of the nomination committee.

Jan-Erik Hansson is 59 and manages an extensive farming enterprise in Färila in Hälsingland, together with his family and co-workers. The enterprise spans dairy, meat, contracting, property and forestry.

The elections will take place at the Lantmännen Association Annual Meeting to be held on Thursday 5 May at Clarion Hotel Sign, Norra Bantorget in Stockholm.

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For more information, please contact: 

Göran Brynell, nomination committee chair                                     
Phone: +46 708 74 93 19

Jan-Erik Hansson
Phone: +46 703 92 77 00

Lantmännen Press Office
Phone: +46 10 556 88 00

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