SLU and Lantmännen signs new agreement to strengthen Swedish farming and food production

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In a new agreement, SLU and Lantmännen have set a framework for future collaboration. The aim is to create better conditions for joint investments within research, education, recruitment and exchange of experiences and skills.

“Through intensified collaboration, we hope to generate new knowledge and shorten the path to innovations. Through our collaboration, our students' contacts with business and the surrounding society are also stimulated. Moreover, their conditions for operating in a globalized labor market are strengthened”, says Maria Knutson Wedel, Rector of SLU.

SLU has a long-standing relationship with Lantmännen, where collaboration has taken place through a large number of projects at various levels of both organizations, the Sustainimal and SLU Grogrund projects, which promote development in sustainable and productive animal production and plant breeding amongst others. The letter of intent that is now being signed between SLU and Lantmännen aims to further strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish agricultural and food production through collaboration in research and education.

“The aim for the intensified collaboration between SLU and Lantmännen is to support the development and opportunities for Swedish agriculture in the entire value chain from farm to fork. Together through collaboration, we can make a strong contribution towards increased and more sustainable food production – the overarching goal of the Swedish National Food Strategy”, says Per Olof Nyman, Group President and CEO of Lantmännen.

A few examples of certain importance for future joint ventures are areas such as the digitalization of Swedish agriculture and the development of protein crops for both human and animal consumption, achieved partly through data collection for the National Agriculture Data Platform and further development of precision agriculture.

In addition, the letter of intent will contribute to competence development and increased capacities for both parties.

“We have already benefited greatly from SLU's expertise in the extensive work on the Farming of the Future report and look forward to a continued deepening of the relations between our organizations. The projects we lay the foundation for together today will benefit the entire industry in a crucial time when the agricultural industry will have to take further steps to achieve both economic and environmental goals as well as productivity gains”, says Peter Annas, Director Group R&D and Innovation at Lantmännen.

“For us, collaboration with the surrounding society and not the least with the green industries is of great importance. That is why this particular agreement with Lantmännen is an important part of our assignment” says Torleif Härd, dean of the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences.

By utilizing and developing the combined competences of both SLU and Lantmännen, planning and implementation of joint efforts to achieve common goals will become easier for both parties. Some of the selected areas intended for closer collaboration are, for example:

  • Research and Development
  • Graduate schools
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Capacity building
  • Research infrastructure
  • Innovation

For more information, please contact:

Torleif Härd, Professor at the Department of Molecular Sciences
Phone: 018 67 10 50

SLU’s press office
: 018 67 15 00

Peter Annas, Director Group R&D and Innovation
Tel: 010 556 04 28

Lantmännen’s press office
Phone: +46 10 556 88 00

About Lantmännen
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