LetterMpress Brings the Art and Craft of Letterpress to the Mac


Champaign, IL September 26, 2011-- LetterMpress®, a new app for the Mac, gives users an immersive experience in using vintage wood type, art cuts and hand printing press techniques to design high-resolution letterpress graphics. Users select and assemble vintage wood type and art images, mix colors and ink the type, select paper from an array of colors and textures, and crank the virtual printing press to create their designs.

LetterMpress for the Mac is being used to produce professional quality graphic designs for prints, posters, books, invitations, greeting cards, scrapbooks, photo albums and more. The new app produces high-res files up to 8192 pixels, over 26” at 300 dpi, that can be output for use in other popular graphics applications, such as Photoshop® and InDesign®. LetterMpress designs can also be printed directly from within the app.

LetterMpress for the Mac comes with 22 genuine vintage wood typefaces collected and preserved by the developer. Also included are over 200 traditional art cuts, numerals, symbols, borders, flourishes and catch words. Also included is a collection virtual paper colors and textures.

“LetterMpress for the Mac follows our successful introduction of LetterMpress for the iPad,” said John Bonadies, president of mpressInteractive, LLC. “We were constantly asked by both iPad and Mac users if, and when, we would have a Mac version available. After the iPad release of LetterMpress, we set to work to see if was possible to have a similar experience interacting with the wood type and vintage press. We think the Mac version does that and more. The precision placement and manipulation of type and art on the press bed, larger screen size, and higher resolution output make LetterMpress for Mac ideal for professional designers, design students, or anyone wanting to incorporate the look of traditional letterpress and wood type into their work. We’re also finding that some traditional letterpress printers are using LetterMpress as a comp tool to get their ideas down before they begin to physically set type.”

LetterMpress for the Mac is available now on the Mac App Store for $9.99 USD. An introductory sale price of $5.99 USD will be offered through September 30.

Additional information and a video demonstration of the app can be found on the app’s Web site, www.lettermpress.com. LetterMpress users have launched a page on Flickr to showcase their designs and share ideas, and more designs and news appear on the LetterMpress Facebook page.

Video links

LetterMpress for the Mac Short Video Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3-_83oa8dc

Other Information:

Available on the Mac App Store http://itunes.com/mac/LetterMpress

System Requirements: OS X 10.6 and above

About mpressInteractive, the developer of LetterMpress

LetterMpress apps are developed by mpressInteractive, LLC, a designer of mobile and PC apps for the graphic design, art, music and publishing markets. The company was founded by graphic designer John Bonadies and developer Jeff Adams in 2011, with additional funding from Kickstarter and angel investor Serra Ventures. mpressInteractive develops creative applications for its own products and provides custom application development for other companies.

The company also offers letterpress printing services on vintage presses, printing classes and workshops at its Living Letter Press studio in Champaign, Illinois. For more information, and to discuss custom development, please contact Lew Bonadies lew@bonadiescreative.com (513) 382-5353 and visit www.lettermpress.com .

Photoshop and InDesign are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

LetterMpress is a registered trademark of mpressInteractive, LLC.

Contact: Lew Bonadies lew@bonadiescreative.com (513) 382-5353