Airlines fees lowered yet again

In 2015 LFV carried out successful efforts to increase efficiency. This allowed Sweden's route charge to be lowered for the fourth year in a row on 1 January 2016. The reduction was 4.6%.

"In 2015, LFV has managed to generate profits while helping lower the charges for en-route operations. This proves that our work with changes and increased efficiency has succeeded," says LFV Director General Olle Sundin.

LFV's turnover in 2015 was SEK 3.4 billion and the result after income and expenses was SEK 39 million. The large increase in turnover between 2014 and 2015 is explained by low interest rates, which have significantly increased the pension debt and thus the turnover.

The number of aircraft movements in Swedish airspace increased by just over 1%, totalling 712,000. The only year with more movements in the last decade was 2008. Overflight traffic, with no take-off or landing in Sweden, makes up around 40% of the total traffic.

2015 was also the year when LFV made history by introducing its Remote Tower Services. After ten years of development, the Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall was opened on 21 April. Since then, traffic at Örnsköldsvik Airport has been handled from Sundsvall.
"LFV has made Swedish history with our Remote Tower Services, and we are now bringing our product to the rest of Sweden and the world," says Olle Sundin. Next in line are Sundsvall Timrå Airport and Linköping City Airport.

In the past year, LFV established a Norwegian company, LFV Norway A/S, in order to meet the Norwegian deregulation of local air traffic services.

LFV has delivered very reliably throughout the year. 99.9 per cent of all flights en route in Swedish airspace take place without any delays caused by the air navigation service.

In 2015 LFV published a drone map, a service which quickly became very popular among drone flyers. The drone map allows a person to use their phone to check their position in relation to the airports' control zones.

Within the COOPANS alliance, where LFV is one of five partners, there were several upgrades to the air traffic control system TopSky to increase efficiency in air traffic control.

For further information, please phone the LFV press office at +4611192050.

Facts about the Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV)

LFV offers air traffic control and air traffic services, as well as related services, both nationally and internationally

LFV is working to develop and improve European air space through cooperation with various alliances and organizations.

LFV develops new services and operational models in order to meet increased demands for capacity, accessibility and sustainability.

LFV was first in the world to secure approval for remote air traffic management. Since April 2015, LFV air traffic controllers in Sundsvall manage air traffic at Örnsköldsvik Airport.

LFV has 1,200 employees, and an annual budget of SEK 3.4 billion.




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Quick facts

Number of aircraft movements in Swedish airspace: 712 000.
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Turnover in 2015: 3.4 billion SEK.
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LFV has made Swedish history with our Remote Tower Services
Olle Sundin, Director General LFV.