Support of our operational systems is an important part of LFV’s core service, an efficient and safe air navigation services for civil and military air traffic and therefore we are very positive about signing a letter of intent
Ann Persson Grivas, Director General LFV.
Today’s landing is an important milestone on the road to the local air traffic control services of the future.
Per Lindblad, CEO of Saab Airport AB
With the Swedish Transport Agency's approval, we receive yet another acknowledgment that Remote Tower Services is the future for local airports.
Per Kjellander, Deputy COO LFV
The testing centre now being established will offer unique opportunities for research and demonstrations of new concepts – at a working airport and in real time.
Gunnar Olsson, LFV's Research and Innovation Department.
Sweden’s economy is strong, and this is reflected in aviation, especially internationally.
Ann Persson Grivas, Director General LFV.
With the agreement between LFV and Swedavia, a major step towards digitalisation and the streamlining of air navigation services in Sweden is taken.
Ann Persson Grivas, Director General LFV
Innovation and digitalisation are important elements for the further development of airport operations.
Jonas Abrahamsson, CEO Swedavia
Recent years' efficiency improvements at LFV have significantly contributed to reductions in charges.
Olle Sundin, Director General.
Ann Persson Grivas has extensive experience in leadership and change management roles, which is necessary to be able to continue LFV’s ongoing transformation.
Jan Olson, chairman of the board LFV.
With our focus on smart solutions for the flights of tomorrow, we are taking a clear position as supplier and collaboration partner in the industry.
Olle Sundin, Director General LFV.
This investment is part of LFV’s plans to ensure that our Remote Tower Service (RTS) product is competitive in the long term and flexible enough to meet the needs of our airport customers
Niclas Gustavsson, LFV's Director of Business Development.
We are extremely pleased to have attracted Trygve to LFV. Trygve Gjertsen has vast experience of the industry and a strong customer-centric approach.
Olle Sundin, director general LFV.
Our letter of intent with Swedavia means we will investigate the conditions to establish reliable and safe remote air traffic services on a large scale in Sweden.
Olle Sundin, Director General LFV.
LFV has made Swedish history with our Remote Tower Services
Olle Sundin, Director General LFV.
LFV is a turnkey supplier of air traffic services.
Niclas Gustavsson, Director of Business Development at LFV.
With remotely controlled towers we are creating completely new opportunities for the whole of the aviation industry.
Olle Sundin, Director General LFV.
With remotely operated towers we will create totally new opportunities for aviation.
Olle Sundin, Director general LFV.
The contract shows that the partnerships we have established with GAL are of world class.
Lars Håkansson, CEO LFV Aviation Consulting