LFV and Saab sign agreement to upgrade the Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall

LFV and Saab have signed an agreement to upgrade the software at LFV Remote Tower Centre (RTC) in Sundsvall, introducing new functions that will support the simultaneous management of two airports (multiple operations).

The Remote Tower Centre is the control centre from which LFV has been operating remote air navigation services for Örnsköldsvik Airport since April 2015.

Work to develop, validate and analyse ways in which an air traffic controller might manage more than one airport from an RTC has been under way for many years, partly in the context of SESAR, the EU development programme for air traffic management, and also as part of other development projects.

The product to be supplied to LFV is based on a further development of Saab’s product for multiple airport operations designed for the Irish Aviation Authority.
“This investment is part of LFV’s plans to ensure that our Remote Tower Service (RTS) product is competitive in the long term and flexible enough to meet the needs of our airport customers,” says Niclas Gustavsson, LFV’s Director of Business Development and International Affairs. This is also the start of our work to get operational approval from the Swedish Transport Agency for multiple airport operations at the LFV RTC in Sundsvall”.
“After more than a year of providing remotely-operated air navigation services and with 4 000 hours of operational and systems experience, this is the next step in our investment in RTS. It’s another smart solution for the aviation industry, says Gustavsson.

For more information please contact the LVF press service on +46 11 19 20 50.


  • LFV is first in the world with remotely operated air traffic management, Remote Tower Services, RTS. Since April 2015 Örnsköldsvik Airport has been remote controlled from the Remote Tower Centre, RTC, in Sundsvall. After one year of operations, LFV has 4000 hours experience of operative remote tower services.
  • LFV offers air traffic management and related services both nationally and internationally.
  • LFV provides safe, efficient and environmentally adapted air traffic services for civil and military aviation.
  • LFV controls traffic at 23 airports and 3 control centres in Sweden and provides air traffic service at five airports in Abu Dhabi. 
  • LFV conducts research and develops new services and operational concepts in order to meet the ever greater requirements for capacity, accessibility and sustainability.
  • LFV collaborates in various alliances and organisations to improve the efficiency of European airspace.
  • LFV has more than 70 years’ experience and knowledge of air traffic services and air safety.

LFV in figures 2015
3.4 billion turnover.
1200 employees.
712,000 aircraft movements in Swedish air space.
99.9 per cent punctuality.
23 Swedish airports traffic controlled by LFV.
3 control centres with air traffic services.
30 years experience of business in more than 50 countries.
150 air traffic controllers trained in ‘green air traffic management’ in 2015.
100 per cent of air safety goals met. 



This investment is part of LFV’s plans to ensure that our Remote Tower Service (RTS) product is competitive in the long term and flexible enough to meet the needs of our airport customers
Niclas Gustavsson, LFV's Director of Business Development.