LFV strengthening the Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions company with three employees

In the autumn, LFV and Saab established a joint company, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, to market, sell, develop and run digital remotely operated air traffic management. The company has now recruited three key members from LFV who will contribute with their skills and expertise; Niclas Gustavsson, Business Development Director, Peter Norén, Business Developer and Erik Bäckman, currently the Head of Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall and operations manager for the airports where LFV operates remotely operated air traffic management. They will assume their new positions on 1 January 2017.

"It is incredibly positive that LFV can contribute to our joint company with skills and expert knowledge. Niclas Gustavsson, Peter Norén and Erik Bäckman all have, in different ways and with great enthusiasm, successfully spearheaded LFV business development, such as the operative development. Their work has been of great importance for the development of both our international relations and the operational activities," says Olle Sundin, Director General of LFV.
Niclas Gustavsson will now take on the role of Vice President Business Development & Governmental Affairs.
"I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to work in the new joint company. It feels like both an inspiration and a challenge. In combination with Saab's technical flight skills, the experiences and the solid, comprehensive operative knowledge we have at LFV complement each other perfectly. As a result, we all have the resources and conditions to become world leaders in remotely operated air traffic management. The collaboration will benefit both LFV and Saab in the digital development our branch is currently experiencing.
"Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions is an important venture for LFV, not least so we can receive a return on our investments and our solid operative knowledge within Remote Tower Services, RTS. LFV will continue to focus on business development, research and innovation. With our focus on smart solutions for the flights of tomorrow, we are taking a clear position as supplier and collaboration partner in the industry," says Olle Sundin.

For more information please contact the LVF press service on +46 11 19 20 50.  

LFV is Sweden's leading operator within both military and civilian air traffic control and its associated services. LFV is also involved in developing European airspace through its cooperation in various alliances and organisations. LFV has long experience of offering consultancy services within the field of aviation on the international market. With focus on research and development, LFV offers smart solutions for the flights of tomorrow. LFV is the first in the world to use remotely operated air traffic management – a completely new way of guiding air traffic – something that has been noted globally. LFV has 1,200 employees and has an annual turnover of SEK 3.4 billion.  

Facts about LFV  

  • LFV operates air traffic control at 21 airports and from three control centres in Sweden.  
  • LFV is a partner of GAL (Global Aerospace Logistics), supplier of air traffic control services at five airports in the United Arab Emirates.  
  • LFV has more than 70 years of experience and knowledge of air traffic control services and flight safety.  30 years of business experience in over 50 countries.  
  • LFV is a state-owned enterprise.  
  • 712,000 movements took place in Swedish airspace in 2015.  
  • 99.9 per cent punctuality.  
  • In 2015, 150 air traffic controllers were trained in "green air traffic management".
  • 100 per cent met flight safety targets.






With our focus on smart solutions for the flights of tomorrow, we are taking a clear position as supplier and collaboration partner in the industry.
Olle Sundin, Director General LFV.