LFV appoints Trygve Gjertsen chairman of the board for LFV Norway AS

LFV has appointed Trygve Gjertsen executive chairman of the company LFV Norway AS tasked with developing LFV on the Norwegian air traffic control market.


Trygve Gjertsen has held numerous leading positions within Scandinavian aviation, among others within the SAS Group and Braathens.

“We are extremely pleased to have attracted Trygve to LFV. Trygve Gjertsen has vast experience of the industry and a strong customer-centric approach as he mainly comes from companies that have utilised air traffic services and is fully conversant with our industry.  With Trygve Gjertsen on-board we have all the prerequisites to create a stable platform for our Norwegian investment,” says LFV’s director general Olle Sundin.

The Norwegian market for local traffic services will be deregulated in 2016 and thus will be subject to competition. LFV considers Norway to be an important market and it is a market that LFV has good experience of.
“LFV is a major provider that can help to develop the competitiveness and capabilities of the airports. We can achieve this by providing services tailored to meet the needs of the customer while being on the leading edge of operative and technical concept developments. We also have experience of competition and deregulation that can prove beneficial,“ adds Olle Sundin.
Internationally LFV has worked in 50 countries and is the industry leader in the development of RTS, Remote Tower Services. One year ago, LFV put the world’s first control centre for RTS into service in Sundsvall for the remote control of Örnsköldsvik Airport.
“To work to further the establishment of LFV on the Norwegian air traffic services market will be an exciting challenge. I hope, through my involvement in LFV Norway AS, to contribute towards LFV becoming a significant and sought-after provider in Norway,” says Trygve Gjertsen.

For more information, or to request an interview, please contact the LVF press service on +46 11 19 20 50.


LFV is the leading provider in Sweden of air traffic management and air traffic services both nationally and internationally. LFV conducts research and development in order to offer smart solutions for tomorrow's aviation. LFV was first in the world with remote tower services.In different collaborations and alliances, LFV works to improve the efficiency of the European airspace. 

LFV in figures 2015

3.4 billion turnover.
1200 employees.
712,000 aircraft movements in Swedish air space.
99.9 per cent punctuality.
23 Swedish airports traffic controlled by LFV.
3 control centres with air traffic services.
30 years experience of business in more than 50 countries.
150 air traffic controllers trained in ‘green air traffic management’ in 2015.






We are extremely pleased to have attracted Trygve to LFV. Trygve Gjertsen has vast experience of the industry and a strong customer-centric approach.
Olle Sundin, director general LFV.