Ann Persson Grivas - new Director General of LFV

Ann Persson Grivas has been appointed as Director General of LFV by the Swedish Government. She comes from a position as Assistant Director General of Försäkringskassan in Sweden. Ms. Ann Persson Grivas will come on board April 1st, 2017.

– Ann Persson Grivas has genuine experience from trade and industry as well as working in a large governmental agency. Therefore, I am pleased that Ann Persson Grivas has accepted the offer to direct and continue on the path of LFV’s positive progress, as well as for her to manage the challenges LFV are facing and the all important efficiency program in progress, says Mrs. Anna Johansson, Minister of Infrastructure for Sweden.

LFV is a state-owned enterprise responsible for managing air traffic control at several airports in Sweden as well as handling the En route traffic in Swedish airspace. LFV has many international assignments and are recognised as a key player in developing solutions for the industry. LFV are devoted to flight safety, innovation, efficiency and customer focus, these are foundations upon which we guide our brand and organisation.
– Ann Persson Grivas has extensive experience in leadership and change management roles, which is necessary to be able to continue LFV’s ongoing transformation. Her focus on results, development, quality and customers are central to LFV's continued development. Ann comes from leadership positions in large, complex, national and international organizations such as Försäkringskassan, SAS, mobile operator 3, Sony Ericsson and Vattenfall, says Mr. Jan Olson, chairman of the board at LFV.
– To be on a continuous path of developed is a prerequisite for survival, especially in an industry like aviation. Aviation is also close to my heart after my years at SAS (Scandinavian Airline Systems). Digitalisation is an area that fuels change and I want to be a part of leading that transformation for LFV as we ensure that LFV continue to compete successfully in Sweden and globally, says Ann Persson Grivas. 

For more information please contact LFV’s Press Service at +46 11 19 20 50. Photos can be downloaded at, search for LFV.

LFV operates air traffic management and associated services for civil and military aviation and is Sweden's leading player in this area. Through various forms of collaboration, LFV also participates in the development of European airspace. LFV has long experience in providing aviation consultancy services in the international market. Research and development is one of its focus areas and LFV offers smart solutions for future aviation. Remotely operated air traffic management is a completely new method of controlling aircraft, first developed by LFV and currently attracting global attention. LFV has around 1,100 employees and a turnover of SEK 3.1 billion.

Facts about LFV  

  • LFV controls air traffic at 20 airports and from three control centres in Sweden.
  • LFV is partnered with GAL, Global Aerospace Logistics, a supplier of air navigation services in the United Arab Emirates.
  • LFV has more than 70 years ’ experience and knowledge of air navigation services and aviation safety.  30 years ’experience of doing business in more than 50 countries.
  • LFV is a public enterprise.
  • 726,000 aircraft movements in Swedish airspace in 2016.
  • 99.9% punctuality.
  • 100% air safety goals achieved.

Facts about Ann Persson Grivas

  • Age: 55.
  • Place of residence: Stockholm.
  • Professional experience: 2008-2017 Försäkringskassan; in various managerial positions, as Assistant Director General, Director in Chief, Deputy Director General, Insurance Director 2001-2008 Sony Ericsson, Vattenfall, mobil operator 3, 1986-2001 SAS.
  • Education: University of Uppsala, Graduate within the Faculty of Humanities






Ann Persson Grivas has extensive experience in leadership and change management roles, which is necessary to be able to continue LFV’s ongoing transformation.
Jan Olson, chairman of the board LFV.