Healbe GoBe™, The Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™, brings automatic calorie tracking to CES Unveiled Las Vegas

The revolutionary device is the only way to automatically measure calorie intake through your skin

Healbe™ Corporation, the pioneer of FLOW™ Technology and brands dedicated to making people’s lives happier, healthier, and easier, is excited to announce it will showcase its highly anticipated whole body health manager, GoBe™, at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas on Sunday, January 4, 2015.

GoBe, the Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™, represents the future of health and wellness. It is the only wearable device that can automatically measure a user’s calorie intake through their skin.  Before GoBe, consumers who relied on manual calorie tracking were prone to miscalculations due to errors, estimation, and inaccurate food labels.

With GoBe, users can view calories consumed, calories burned, activity level, heart rate, blood pressure, stress level, hydration level, and quality of sleep. The device utilizes Healbe’s patented FLOW Technology, which combines data collected from an accelerometer, piezo pressure sensor, and an impedance sensor with an advanced algorithm to deliver comprehensive insights into whole-body health.

The wearable device easily syncs with the user’s iOS or Android smartphone to display specific data rather than averages or estimates, better equipping them to make healthier decisions in everyday life. Healbe’s research and development team is continuously seeking to make advancements to GoBe and its FLOW Technology, and currently has several projects underway that will further position Healbe as a leader in health & wellness technology.  The company plans to raise money next year in an effort to increase its manufacturing capacity.  

Healbe worked with independent testing facilities in both the U.S. and Russia where researchers found that GoBe accurately measures calorie intake, nutritional intake, and calories burned with an accuracy rate of 84 to 93 percent. To read more on these studies, visit www.healbe.com.

Earlier this year, GoBe received positive recognition at CE Week’s Battle of the Bands, where it beat out the competition and was named the top fitness tracker by an audience of industry professionals.

Healbe will conduct demonstrations of its revolutionary wearable device at CES Unveiled, where media will get one of the first opportunities to witness automatic calorie tracking through the skin. Healbe will also have a meeting room (MP25270) during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, January 6-9.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact nicolec@lotus823.com.

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Healbe™ Corporation is the pioneer of Healbe GoBe™, The Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™, and Healbe FLOW™ Technology, brands dedicated to making people’s lives happier, healthier, and easier.

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