“With our Multi-Display Ceiling Mounts, customers have the flexibility to not only mount up to 6 displays in one area, but to also adjust the displays for the most aesthetically pleasing look to meet their needs.”
John Potts, President, Peerless-AV
This innovative addition to our award-winning patented video wall mount design builds on the success of our existing range, offering users the features they know and love about Peerless-AV mounts, such as a quick setup and tool-less micro-adjustments.
Brian McClimans, Vice President, Global Business Development, Peerless-AV
“Nancy’s business acumen and track record for building strategic partnerships will be a driving force in lotus823’s continued growth.”
David Hernandez, Managing Partner, lotus823
“I’ve worked with the company’s co-founders Allison and David Hernandez for many years, and I’ve always admired lotus823’s impressive growth and innovative ideas. I look forward to working with their phenomenal team of creative, effective marketing executives.”
Nancy Kohlreiter, Director of Business Development and Operations, lotus823
Our level of quality at Peerless-AV is something that we have become known by with our customers and there is a high expectation in place that our customers will continue to receive products of this caliber.
Jon Schmitz, Corporate Director of Quality & Supplier Management, Peerless-AV
With Jon taking on the role of Corporate Director of Quality & Supplier Management, we know that all aspects of our quality system and standards will not only be met, but exceeded.
John Potts, President, Peerless-AV
“With our new line of SmartMount™ digital menu board mounts, we are able to exceed the industry expectations by offering superior alignment features, which reduce installation time and overall project cost.”
Brian McClimans, Vice President, Global Business Development, Peerless-AV
“This is the most innovative and versatile solution available and builds on the success of our existing award winning video wall mounts range.”
Brian McClimans, Vice President, Global Business Development, Peerless-AV
Quick service restaurant, pharmacy, and bank owners with drive-thru set-ups are looking for attention-grabbing, weatherproof and visually appealing digital signage solutions that can be easily, quickly, and cost-effectively updated with new content.
Brian McClimans, Vice President, Global Business Development, Peerless-AV
My motto is ‘it takes partnerships to succeed’ and I'm a big advocate for needing solid collaborative relationships to help grow and support each other's businesses.
Brian McClimans, Vice President, Global Business Development, Peerless-AV
Homeowners and restaurant and bar owners are looking for outdoor entertainment solutions that offer style, function, and advanced features all within a comfortable price point.
Hal Truax, Managing Director, Retail Sales, Peerless-AV
No longer will installers need to run wires through walls, cutting drywall and causing more work for the homeowner or storeowner. The PeerSound Wireless Audio System provides an affordable solution that can be installed quickly with little to no disruption.
John Potts, President, Peerless-AV
“The best speaker is the one that’s with you. Size does matter. The 21st century nomad yearns for portable, pocketable audio devices, and we’re delivering on that.”
John Cataldo, CEO and Founder of Felt Audio
“Our goal is to reconnect the contemporary public with products built carefully by hand, with love and care.
Tracy Crotti
“Our goal is to reconnect the contemporary public with products built carefully by hand, with love and care.”
Tracy Crotti
“As the first universal mosaic video wall mount, the DS-VWM770 provides the industry with the creativity, flexibility, and accessibility to take video walls to the next level.
Brian McClimans,Managing Director of Business Development, Peerless-AV
The Vans Triple Crown FREE School allows students to express themselves through various forms of art and sound, and gives them an opportunity to share with the world what their adventure sounds like.
Michael Peterson of WAE By Hercules
Filling out an application should not be difficult or time consuming.
Alex King, CEO of gatherDocs
With gatherDocs, we eliminate the costs surrounding the management and organization of paper applications and help HR departments focus on expanding their company through talent acquisition.
Alex King, CEO of gatherDocs
“We're excited about our new partnership which will indulge guests with a taste of the class and culture that define New York while delivering a refreshing night’s sleep in a finely crafted and comfortable luxury bed.”
Ed Curry, president of DUXIANA North America
No. 8 Brands is delighted to be working with Bluw, Nanda Home and Ubooly. We take pride in helping bring innovative products to market, and each of these brands complement our core mission of working with revolutionary product ideas that not only solve problems but inspire creativity and learning. We look forward to working with them.
Lance Little
“We are first and foremost dedicated to user experience. All iPhone users face the dilemma of wanting to see the design aesthetic of the phone, but needing to protect it at the same time. The Vario Clear for iPhone 5 allows users to do just that, with the added bonus of our signature integrated Theater-Stand 360.”
Brian Le Gette, CEO of ZeroChroma.
“The BidSpot is continuously working to ensure our users have the best online auction experience available on any site. With our new “2 Clicks 2 Cash” program, our online auction website winners can collect their winnings in whichever way is most beneficial for them – giving them more control and a better overall experience.”
Clayton Pummill, COO, The BidSpot
“We are thrilled to bring this unique and personalized fitness approach to Monmouth County. The results people can achieve are truly amazing. At Koko, every workout is new and engaging. Members stay motivated by pounds lost and strength gained, knowing for certain that they are always getting the best workout for them, without ever having to plan it out for themselves. We’re excited to make our arrival official.”
Bo Gustafsson, co-owner of Koko FitClub
“We are looking forward to working with a world-class partner like Navarre. We anticipate the distribution and logistics partnership will lead to increased success for Sonomax that will help to expand our revenue opportunities, by bringing the eers™ brand to the retail marketplace more quickly and in mass quantities.
Nick Laperle, CEO of Sonomax Technologies, Inc.
“The eers™ custom earbuds are truly a unique product in the marketplace. We are pleased to provide warehousing, fulfillment services as well as distribution to Sonomax. We are excited to help bring this highly innovative product to retail.”
Joyce Fleck, President - Navarre Distribution Services, Inc.
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