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The new Myfox Security System along with other new Myfox products will be introduced at CES® Unveiled on January 4 and showcased throughout the duration of CES® 2015 from January 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas (Sands Booth – 71429). 

Myfox, the European smart home security expert, today announced that it will unveil its new Myfox Security System at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) in Las Vegas. CES® 2015 marks both the company’s US launch and the launch of a new standard in home security. The new Myfox Security System along with other new Myfox products will be introduced at CES® Unveiled on January 4 and showcased throughout the duration of CES® 2015 from January 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas (Sands Booth – 71429).

The Myfox Security System is a smart, reliable and elegant solution that integrates seamlessly into a user’s home and lifestyle. It represents a breakthrough in the traditional approach to home security by offering users a way to rely on trusted family and friends when it comes to protecting the things they love.

A 2015 International CES® Innovation Awards Honoree the Myfox Security System is the only security system that prevents break-ins BEFORE they happen. Based on proven technology and years of experience, the system combines a patented IntelliTAG™ anti-intrusion sensor for door and window, siren, key fob, connection hub, and an innovative smartphone app to create an intuitive, easy-to-use, and completely hassle-free home alarm system.

“Myfox believes that the home should be a place where families feel secure and protected. Our years of experience protecting homes in Europe, combined with amazing advancements in new technology, have given us the opportunity to reinvent home security,” said Jean-Marc Prunet, CEO, Myfox. He continued, “Conventional security systems are often onerous and restrictive. Myfox provides a reliable solution that easily fits into any modern lifestyle, is simple to install, simple to use, and simple to maintain. The Myfox Security System can be set-up without wires or drills, there are no monthly fees, and users are able to rely on their own trusted community not some anonymous company standing guard. Security is literally put back into the user’s hands. Myfox represents freedom.” 

Deterrence Over Detection

Unlike traditional detection systems, the Myfox Security System puts deterrence at the forefront, leading the way for the next generation of security solutions. With its award-winning IntelliTAG™ technology, Myfox offers the only smart home security system that prevents break-ins BEFORE they happen.

The IntelliTAG™ anti-intrusion sensors for doors and windows rely on multiple sensors and advanced algorithms to analyze variances in surface vibrations. The variances can differentiate normal events, like a knock at the door, from potential dangers such as a window being pried open with a crowbar. If unusual activity is detected, the system sends a signal to the siren that triggers a powerful 110db alarm, scaring away potential intruders. At the same time, a push notification is immediately sent to the user’s smartphone alerting him of the attempted break-in. The user’s home remains safe and protected.

Creating a Trusted Community

The Myfox Security System’s intuitive multi-user and community features represent a shift from the nameless, faceless security of systems past.

Through Myfox smartphone app the user can invite neighbors, friends or family to create a trusted network that will help keep an eye on things while he or she is away. The designated members of this trusted community are given monitoring rights and can use the smartphone app to arm the system remotely and receive push notifications when unusual activity is detected.

The intuitive key fob enables user recognition and allows for hands-free disarming when entering the home. Each key fob can be attributed to a particular person and lets users keep track of who’s coming and going.

Always on and Connected

The Myfox Security System offers increased peace-of-mind through a unique patent-pending back-up system, MyfoxAround™. In the case of a power or WiFi outage, MyfoxAround™ anonymously scans the neighboring area (up to two miles, depending on environment) for another Myfox Security System to establish a wireless connection. Encrypted data is then passed through the connection to transmit notifications and alerts. For additional comfort the system also features an embedded backup battery that provides four hours of standalone functioning.

Ensuring that Myfox fits into all users’ lifestyles, the Myfox Security System’s software architecture offers unlimited opportunities. In addition, featuring IFTTT support, an open API, and a state-of-the-art cloud platform, the system is designed to be compatible with the ever-growing number of smart home devices. 

Form and Function

Setting a new standard in home security, the new Myfox solution showcases a sleek aesthetic that fits into most modern homes. The system has been designed to be discrete, reassuring, and non-intrusive, making it a harmonious part of the user’s lifestyle and home interior.

The Myfox Security System is easy to install out of the box and can be set up in minutes with no wires or drills. Users only need to download the free app, connect to the products, and select their WiFi network. There are also no monthly fees associated with the Myfox solution.

The Myfox Security System will be on display at CES® Unveiled on January 4 and can be seen throughout the duration of CES® 2015 at the Sands (Booth – 71429) from January 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas. For more information, a product demo, or to schedule a booth tour and interview, please contact Katie Foley at lotus823 at katief@ lotus823.com or 732-212-0823.

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Since 2005, Myfox has been committed to redefining home security with simple, unique solutions. Unlike traditional detection systems, Myfox offers true security and peace of mind through proactive deterrence. As a result of the evolution of their award-winning IntelliTAGTM technology, Myfox became a pioneer in the security space by creating the first connected home security system. With over 100,000 windows and doors secured throughout Europe, Myfox is now bringing their proven technology to America.

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