The value-added benefits offered by Lumito's technology were made clear to more visitors as their knowledge increased. It became very clear that we have something different from today's technology and that we have a position among already established companies. Our technology enables an extra invisible signal within traditional immunohistochemical (IHC) workflow - something that is completely unique and thereby interesting for potential end-customers and partners.
Lumito's CEO, Mattias Lundin
Your technology adds a new dimension that does not exist today, digitization combined with immunohistochemistry and specific nanoparticles allows a completely free channel that does not hide anything in the tissue interface when imaging.
One of the visitors in Lumito's booth at Digital Pathology & AI Congress 2022
“With Lumito's technique, we hope the problem of background staining can be eliminated by clearer imaging of renal biopsy tissue, There will also be the added advantage of being able to preserve the slides for review. In addition, being able to use formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue would potentially mean an additional biopsy core of fresh tissue will not be required.”  
Dr Kishore Gopalakrishnan is the lead renal pathologist at University Hospital Coventry, UK
“In our efforts to create the most sustainable and competitive product possible, where our unique technology delivers the most benefit, we have now established a collaboration with University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire and PathLAKE.  It is our hope that the study will show that Lumito's technology can also be successfully used to detect immunoglobulin and complement deposits in renal tissue while offering researchers and eventually clinicians another indication where our technology can be used."
Mattias Lundin, Lumito's CEO
We are proud that Lumito has chosen us as their manufacturing partner. Lumito’s unique platform combined with our proven know-how of nanoparticle-based upconversion technology has created this exciting opportunity for both companies.
Leena Kokko, CEO Kaivogen, a Uniogen group company
At Uniogen we are continually evaluating new ways to bring value to our industrial partners through our processes and research based innovations. We are excited about the collaboration with Lumito in the field of tissue diagnostics.
Ilari Antila, CEO of Uniogen
The letter of intent signed with Kaivogen is an important step to secure production of our complete reagent kit consisting of UCNPs and our staining fluid, for the upcoming product launch in research labs.
Mattias Lundin, Lumito's CEO
Due to the pandemic, this was the first time in a year that we had the opportunity to meet physically, which was most welcome. Both the installation and tests went according to plan and we also had the opportunity to discuss and plan the next development steps together.
Andreas Johansson, CTO at Lumito.
The approval of our basic patent is an important step in our global patent strategy to create a competitive product, the patent provides broad protection beyond medical use. The patent has already been approved in Australia, Europe, Israel, Japan, Canada, China, South Africa and the United States. Our technology is patented as previously communicated in three worldwide patent families that include, together with nanoparticles as markers, creating high resolution images of tissues in for example tumours. The technology has several potential applications, but in a first step we have chosen to focus on digital tissue diagnostics.
Mattias Lundin, CEO of Lumito
Our first patent family has patents granted in key regions worldwide, and since August 2021, this also includes Europe. The patent confers a broad scope of protection, even beyond medical use. This patent is already granted in Australia, China, Israel, the United States, South Africa, Canada and Japan.
Mattias Lundin, CEO of Lumito
The grant of the patent in India strengthens Lumito's patent portfolio: India could be a large potential future market for the company and the patent has potential in several application areas.
Mattias Lundin, CEO of Lumito
For pathologists to be able to meet the rising demand, the method of analysis needs to be streamlined. We have, by and large, relied on the same technology since the early 1940s, when it was developed by Albert Coons, who found a way to mark antigen using antibodies2. This laid the foundation of the immunohistochemistry of today, which has made it possible to identify cell types and thus make diagnosis.
Björn L. Isfoss, one of Lumito’s advisors
We have many committed shareholders, and we have been asked when the results will be presented. We will adhere to the common standards of medical science, which entails that the research group first compiles the findings in preparation of the planned publication in scientific journals before we disclose them ourselves.
Urban Widén, Acting CEO Lumito
Thus far, our work has focused on making the information in tissue samples clearer and more separated to facilitate the interpretation made by pathologists. Our next step will be to develop an AI-based decision support system, which will facilitate and accelerate the time-consuming analysis even further for the pathologists. Our technology is well suited for automatic classification by means of AI. In the future, pathologists will be able to spend more time analyzing the most challenging patient cases while leaving the diagnostics of more basic cases to Lumito's product. Lumito's unique and innovative technology makes it possible to establish the correct diagnosis for patients faster,
Andreas Johansson, CTO Lumito
Lumito benefits immensely from Urban Widén's strong competence and international experience - which also includes managerial positions - in diagnostics, digital pathology in particular, automation and processing of scanned images and large volumes. Urban has an extensive international network and is fully familiar with the operations, which is positive for us considering Lumito's current stage, in preparation of the upcoming launch-
Masoud Khayyami, Chairman of the Board
I was there already when we decided which path we would choose for the technology; it is my conviction that we made the right choice. A path where the company has the best opportunities to make the most progress, not only medically but commercially as well. The interest in the company indicates that we did choose the right path.The process to engage in closer dialogue with future partners begins now.
Urban Widén, acting CEO Lumito
Digital pathology is already the standard way of procedure in some clinical pathology laboratories in Sweden; Lumito's technology is right on target with regard to this trend, and may actually accelerate it.
Björn Isfoss, Chief pathologist and advisor to Lumito
We are very pleased with our cooperation with Björn Isfoss. His contribution, based on his solid experience and breadth, will be fundamental to the future success of the company. We can ensure that we deliver something that the pathologists actually desire, that facilitates analysis and diagnosis. Björn will also be able to place emphasis on the other opportunities that our technology offers, how they can be packaged, and on other markers and reagents we could develop in the future.
Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Lumito
We are pleased that we now have the internal competence and capacity in place to be able to take over the final optimization from RISE, and that we can continue to develop novel products in this area as well.
Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Lumito who is looking forward to the product's upcoming verification and validation phase
We are very pleased to have Tim Nilsson on board. He has a highly relevant background; he holds a Master of Science in chemistry and is very socially competent as well as well experienced within marketing and sales. This makes him the perfect fit for the role as product specialist.
Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Lumito
RISE's statement entails that our product (instrument + staining reagent) for the reference clinics is now estimated to be ready during the second quarter, not the first as previously disclosed. The notice from RISE is regrettable, but it is of the utmost importance that we maintain a high quality when we supply the reference clinics with our product.
Stefan Nilsson, CEO Lumito
We are delighted that Andreas is joining us and that Lumito will be benefiting from his solid software development experience, which he gained with product development companies. His skills are an excellent fit with our continued development strategy, especially now that Anders Sjögren is transitioning to an advisory role for the company.
Stefan Nilsson, CEO Lumito
We are grateful for the great trust that our shareholders are placing in us; the capital we are raising now will bring stability to our forthcoming effort to launch our first product.
Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Lumito
Staining kit and a novel device developed by Lumito give hope for more accurate diagnosis by keeping the advantage of H&E staining and combining it, in one image, with luminescent data, ideal for generating ground truth for machine learning algorithms.
Krzysztof Krawczyk, R&D Manager at Lumito
When you examine the Her2 imaging based on Lumito's technology, you can readily understand the opportunities it opens for pathologists when they are able to see only the tissue they are interested in. The technology further opens the door for image processing, which may help facilitate automated diagnostics in the future.
Stefan Nilsson, CEO Lumito
It is an important step that we are now able work with the prototype on site to provide input for the further development of the beta prototype, and that we will now be able to demonstrate the functionality here in Lund to prospective customers and partners.
Stefan Nilsson, CEO Lumito
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