About Us

About Manuka Health Manuka Honey Supported by the rigours of scientific research, Manuka Health natural health products can enhance your health and well-being. As well as being great tasting all our honey is measured using a simple and clear measuring system called MGO which stands for Methylglyoxal, the active compound in Manuka Honey that gives it its remarkable properties. MGO represents the number of milligrams of Methylglyoxal per kg of Manuka Honey. So MGO 100+ means there is at least 100mg of the active compound in a kg of Manuka Honey. A number of other measurement systems are in use but none indicate clearly the amount of active compound in the pot. Manuka Health Manuka Honey comes in five potencies: MGO 30+MGO 100+ (Recommended minimum for daily maintenance)MGO 250+ (2.5 x more methylglyoxal than MGOTM 100+)MGO 400+ (4 x more methylglyoxal than MGOTM 100+)MGO 550+ (5.5 x more methylglyoxal than MGOTM 100+) All of our MGO Manuka Honey products are scientifically tested and verified to ensure consistent quality. Every batch is subjected to laboratory tests that measure various quality parameters including Dietary Methylglyoxal content. Also in the range are Manuka Honey toothpastes, adults and kids throat syrups, honey suckles and lollipops. Manuka Health Manuka Honey is available from health stores and online www.genuinemanuka.com