Following last year's world premiere, now the Big Mac ski helmet and Big Mac training tights enter the arena

The world’s first Big Mac lifestyle collection was unveiled at a fashion show in Stockholm one year ago. Now, just in time for the winter season, ski helmets and training tights have been introduced, featuring the same iconic burger pattern. The new products are available at the Big Mac Shop. For every Big Mac ski helmet sold McDonald’s will make a donation to support local ski clubs to get more kids on skis, a co-operation with the Swedish National Ski Federation. 

The idea to develop a collection of Big Mac ski products was born out of McDonald’s sponsorship of the Swedish National Ski Teams for Alpine skiing and Cross Country skiing. Last year Big Mac thermal underwear was launched, and now it is time for the Big Mac ski helmet.

– “The collection featuring our popular burger as a pattern has been a huge worldwide success. Skiing in Sweden is a deeply rooted tradition, so we like the idea of letting the Big Mac take over the slopes. Part of the proceeds from helmet sales will go towards supporting young skiers in Sweden,” says Jeff Jackett, Marketing Director McDonald’s Sweden.

Skiers can now look smart while hitting the slopes with the new Big Mac helmet, and if you’re in the gym or outside cross-country skiing, Big Mac tights can add flavour to your workout. The Big Mac helmets and training tights are both limited editions and will be available for purchase at from February 1, 2016.

- “As a professional skier, I enjoy seeing sponsors such as McDonald’s take their engagement for the sport to a new level. This is a fun and contemporary way to help support young skiers. And on top of that, anyone wearing the Big Mac helmet will for sure be the sharpest-looking skier on the mountain, ” says Jens Byggmark, a member of the Swedish National Alpine Ski Team.

The helmet is designed for Alpine skiing, snowboarding and similar sports. The helmet is certified to the European standard for ski and snowboard helmets. It is a Freeride helmet, which means there is a soft covering over the ears rather than a hard shell. The helmet is well ventilated and weighs only 400 grams (± 50 grams), making it a light helmet and suitable for longer outings. The helmet has a size adjustment system at the back for optimal fit and is available in two sizes: 54-58 and 58-62. The helmet is produced in co-operation with helmet supplier Bliz.

The tights can be used for cross-country skiing or other types of exercise, with a unisex design featuring a small back key pocket, ankle zips and reflective seams.

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