“Medius is a comprehensive program that allows my team to maximize their workflow production. It has given the team innovative tools to increase our awareness of clients’ requests at a click of a button. The automation system helps reduce a backlog of open items thus staying ahead and preparing for additional incoming invoices. It also allows AP clerks to see invoices with issues/errors that need to be addressed immediately. Audits are always challenging for organizations; however, this program allows AP to be better prepared. We can provide auditors with supporting documentation within an hour compared to days in the past. This program has proven to be a great tool and had a heavy contribution in SpartanNash winning this award.”
Chilain Backman, Accounts Payable Manager at SpartanNash
“One of Bilia's goals is to automate and digitize. We work with continuous improvement and lean in on our work tools, including Medius. I have 10 forward-looking and curious people in the accounts payable team who love innovation, which makes it easy for me to be a pilot in new exciting projects. We have achieved this feat as a team. Medius is a user-friendly, flexible system with a high level of knowledge from our partners at Medius.”
Veronica Ohlsson, Head of Activity Accounting, Accounts Payable, Banking & Payments and Service Agreements
We extend our warmest congratulations to Bilia AB, Land O’Lakes, Inc. and SpartanNash for these remarkable achievements. Their dedication to excellence, innovation, and leadership in the accounts payable domain is truly commendable and inspiring. We look forward to continuing on this journey with them, and hope to take them from strength to strength with our AI and automation tools."
Jim Lucier, CEO at Medius
Should I approve this invoice? How can I change this configuration setting? What is this payment for? Approvers, administrators, and suppliers are sick of the time it takes to process invoices or to receive responses to simple queries. Using AI as the first responder, AP teams can instead focus on high value work and be brought in on the most challenging of requests, all while reducing the risk of fraud. For vendors, the technology means quick and accurate answers, and less time chasing emails or dealing with frustrating supplier portals. For our customers, the technology means time saved, and a highly secure AP process.
Karim Jouini, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Medius
AI innovation runs through the heart of Medius so I’m proud to deliver another effective and easily implemented technology for ambitious customers, both existing and new. The team of technologists at Medius amaze me with their ingenuity and determination to deliver products that push boundaries.
Karim Jouini, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Medius
Medius’ offerings provide a best-in-class solution that is easy to implement and drives immediate value. I’m thrilled to join the team and continue to improve upon the efficiency and effectiveness of Medius’ accounts payable offerings, working closely with customers and partners to innovate in line with their needs
Craig Keller, VP of Payment Strategy, Medius
The addition of Craig to our team will allow us to upscale our payments strategy, which is the core of our business. His appointment represents a continued investment in our team as we continue to scale and grow as a company. Craig’s deep knowledge of the payments space will enable Medius to continue enhancing our offerings and delivering maximum value to our customers.
Branden Jenkins, COO, Medius
CFOs today are facing a number of challenges, including attracting and retaining top talent, managing cashflow and risk in a volatile economy, and staying ahead of the curve on emerging technologies, including AI. I see first hand how Medius can solve these issues and my belief in the product is an important reason for joining the business. With the company’s history of sustainable growth, I’m eager to deliver on its exciting ambitions as a strategic and entrepreneurial CFO.
Emma Brown, CFO, Medius
We’re proud to welcome Emma at a crucial juncture for the business. As we continue our efforts to double our revenue over the next two years, Emma’s expertise as a transformational financial leader will help make this a reality.
Jim Lucier, CEO, Medius
Medius is in an exciting position to continue to integrate artificial intelligence to help optimize processes for our customers. I am excited to be leading the product, design, and technology behind Medius solutions, while helping to grow talent across the business in my new role and managing the integration of the Expensya teams into Medius.
Karim Jouini, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Medius
Maintaining a streamlined digital internal system and building value for our customers is integral to our ambitions as a business. Using data, artificial intelligence, and automation to build a strong, stable digital culture at Medius will help us enhance collaboration, improve our operational efficiencies, and optimize our processes. As Chief Transformation & Information Officer, I am eager to continue to provide value and trust for our customers by embracing technology.
Ahmed Fessi, Chief Transformation & Information Officer at Medius
The appointments of Karim and Ahmed into their respective leadership roles is integral to our growth and transformation goals here at Medius. Both hold invaluable experience and will bring a considered and ambitious approach to their new roles. As we continue to aim for new heights at Medius, Karim and Ahmed are central to our mission, and will provide us with the efforts and expertise needed to achieve our ongoing goal to provide businesses with a complete view of their financials, now including spend management.
Jim Lucier, CEO at Medius
Over-burdened finance leaders need visibility across the invoice to pay process, and to feel confident in their ability to find and mitigate fraud within their businesses. Medius Fraud & Risk Detection helps businesses proactively manage the risk so they can prevent issues. This is so important for business leaders who are operating in challenging economic conditions, and who simply can’t afford the added and preventable costs of fraud.
Daniel Ball, EVP Product at Medius
The real promise of AI and ML within autonomous finance is not just streamlining processes but eliminating them. Anomaly detection using AI and ML from solutions like Medius Fraud & Risk Detection helps to ensure policies are consistently and repeatedly being enforced giving CFOs new insights and data that they need in today’s volatile landscape.
Kevin Permenter, Research Director, Financial Applications at IDC
Medius’ decision to move into Jacksonville’s Brooklyn neighborhood is indicative of the growing and flourishing fintech center in the area. We’re proud to work with organizations that enable Jacksonville’s growth and look forward to supporting the business’ presence in the city.
Christian Harden, Managing Partner of NAI Holdings
Once a company enters the Jacksonville market with a merger or acquisition, we’re always looking for opportunities to keep them here. This is another example of our emergence as a fintech center and we look forward to working with Medius as they grow in our region.
Aundra Wallace, President of JAXUSA Partnership
As a longtime customer of Medius, Safariland has been able to help level up its finance department with streamlined operations and automated processes. By producing greater efficiency, Medius has created value for Safariland and helped our company achieve many of its objectives. We’re excited that Medius selected Jacksonville as the site for its US headquarters and look forward to our continued partnership. The move is certain to play an important role in enhancing our city’s reputation as a hub for future business and tech.
Kimberly Hawkin, Accounts Payable Manager at Safariland
Jacksonville is a burgeoning hub for fintech organizations driven by the local talent and proximity to public and private educational institutions like Jacksonville University and Florida State College at Jacksonville. We’re excited to call this city home and bring more skilled locals into the business over coming months. The need to increase headcount follows a year of excellent North American growth as more organizations turn to Medius to improve operations in the Office of the CFO using technological innovation, particularly in AI.
Jim Lucier, CEO of Medius
Createch’s deep expertise in enterprise ERP systems means it is uniquely positioned to understand and unlock the benefits of AP automation for finance, IT, and other business leaders. We welcome this partnership and look forward to bringing the extensive benefits of the Medius suite and ecosystem to Createch’s customers in Quebec (or Canada) and beyond.
Matt Rhodus, Vice President of Business Development at Medius
Medius has been growing our presence rapidly in Quebec and has a strong customer base. Importantly, the Medius user interface can be both in French and English and the application supports all taxes across Canada
Dean Baxter, Sr. Sales Executive-Canada at Medius
We are pleased to enter this new partnership with Medius to bring to the Canadian market a proven and efficient AP Automation solution that seamlessly integrates with our client’s Microsoft Dynamics systems. This is especially important in a context of labor scarcity where it is necessary for enterprises to move forward with their digital transformation to reduce repetitive manual tasks. In our opinion, the implementation of solutions such as AP Automation by Medius is another step in the right direction towards transforming business systems into a digital operating platform.
Sylvia Bologna, Chief Revenue Officer, at Createch
Expensya has developed a leading employee spend management solution in Europe, with innovative features and AI-powered innovation. Its founders, Karim and Jihed, and its leadership team share our ambition to transform the spend management category using the power of automation and AI. Together, we can offer CFOs solutions that can help them transform finance while empowering their teams. We are delighted to welcome the whole team to the Medius family.
Jim Lucier, CEO of Medius
Mid-size organizations and their CFOs are clearly looking for one common platform to efficiently manage all their spend. By combining our employee spend management solution and payment cards, with Medius’s AP automation platform, we now cover the whole indirect spend of companies and can apply the power of AI to help finance teams to optimize cost and processes across the board. We look forward to writing the next chapter of our story with Jim and the rest of the Medius team.
Karim Jouini, CEO of Expensya
Medius’s planned acquisition of Expensya will help financial leaders get a holistic view of their organization’s travel performance and financial position by enabling data from travel and expense activities to flow between the relevant finance functions. Businesses looking to thrive in the post-pandemic period will need advanced software tools like these to cope with new aspects of business travel
Kevin Permenter, Research Director, Financial Applications at IDC
There’s a lot of talk in the industry about AI, and autonomous and touchless processing of invoices - but the reality is that many businesses, regardless of size, location, or industry, still receive invoices out of the blue for any service or product that has been bought by anyone within a business. This process is still run largely offline, and when these invoices are received new suppliers have to be registered and onboarded - leaving little to no paper trail, and taking place in a manual and opaque manner, detached from other parts of the business. Ultimately, this process and lack of technological innovation in supplier onboarding leaves businesses open to fraud, and less able to control spend. This is why we’ve updated the supplier onboarding solution for Medius customers - increasing efficiency and reducing risk
Daniel Ball, EVP Product, Medius,
Our procurement teams can be confident that all information provided by the supplier is captured correctly, quickly and efficiently, and approved via the appropriate channels.
Simon Madders, Project Implementation Manager, Mitchells & Butlers
With hundreds of invoices and in excess of 500 vendors, PENTA needed a reliable and feature-rich solution for processing payments. We conducted a search and compared Medius to at least three other providers. Other solutions made promises but only Medius could deliver what we needed.
Daryll Franco, Senior Accountant at The PENTA Building Group
We’re honored The PENTA Building Group selected Medius to digitally transform its manual payment process system. Through Medius Pay, we’ve seen a substantial reinvention and simplification of PENTA’s complex spend management process, where manual processing of hundreds of invoices for more than 500 vendors proved costly and time consuming. Medius also understands the importance of strong vendor relationships and worked to eliminate manual invoices, increasing the efficiency and visibility of supplier payments in real-time.
Mary Flynn Barton, Senior Vice President, Sales at Medius
Sweden has a long history of innovation - home of household technology names like Spotify, Klarna, and Northvolt. Medius is now amongst those top technology actors, drawing on the winning-formula of exceptional talent in a relatively small and supporting technology ecosystem, and I’ve relished the opportunity to be a part of the Medius journey. In my new role as CTO, I’m excited to accelerate the innovation at Medius, investing in new technology areas which hold ample opportunity to ultimately bring more value to customers in this current economic climate
Henrik Rosén, CTO, Medius
As we scale Medius into a billion-dollar growth company, Henrik will continue to play a key role in driving transformational change and spearheading technology leadership within the company - amplifying the importance of product and technology for Medius’s success.
Jim Lucier, CEO, Medius
Many businesses are seeking cost-effective and time-saving solutions, particularly at a time of rising inflation. Medius Procurement for NetSuite gives organizations greater visibility into their spending and helps find savings, eliminate fraud, and reduce risk. The combined capabilities of NetSuite and Medius help finance departments improve operational efficiencies with a full audit trail of all approvals, purchases, receipts, and invoices.
Matt Rhodus, VP of Business Development & Strategy at Medius
As the global economy is seeing multiple disruptions, companies are seeking to more closely manage their vendors so they can fulfill customer demand and manage spend within tighter budgets. This new SuiteApp extends our robust solution for procurement and helps NetSuite customers improve visibility and control of spending across their entire organization.
Guido Haarmans, group vice president, SuiteCloud Developer Network and Partner Programs, Oracle NetSuite
Since Medius’s acquisition of OnPay in March, we’ve gone from strength to strength in improving operational efficiency for customers. Looking ahead, we’re committed to building on our partnership, in furthering innovation within the AP process.
Neal Anderson, VP Payments Strategy, Medius
Jacksonville is a burgeoning tech hub bursting with tech talent, including the best and brightest tech graduates, and is following a similar trajectory to cities like Austin, Miami, and Nashville. Jacksonville is already home to several innovative fintech businesses, and we’re proud to be a part of that growth.
Neal Anderson, VP Payments Strategy, Medius
Business leaders across the globe face turbulent times ahead, and many are already struggling with cash management, inefficient processes, and the rise of fraud. In everything we do, we aim to make our customers' lives easier. The integration with OnPay Solutions is just one example of that.
Daniel Ball, SVP Innovation, Medius
While many Accounts Payable departments deploy automation to streamline invoice processing, significant inefficiencies still exist in the “last mile” of the AP process: payments. By bringing payments processing within the platform, we can provide this service to our U.S. customers. Going forward we will continue to invest across the procure-to-pay process, and double-down on fraud and risk mitigation.
Daniel Ball, SVP Innovation, Medius
We use Medius Pay to send ACH payments and Virtual Card payments to our suppliers and vendors. The solution has been a perfect bolt-on to Microsoft Dynamics and connects us with our existing bank accounts. Medius Pay even recently migrated our ACH disbursements from our old bank to our new bank.
Medius Pay customer, Coastal Construction Product, David Sheffield, CFO
Our partnership with Medius Pay has truly positioned us to offer an automated AP solution to our restaurant customer base. Not only has the process been seamless but leveraging the "graybox" design has allowed us to maximize operational efficiency and maintain the proper control for our audits.
Medius Pay customer, Restaurant 365, Clint Blaylock, VP of Payments
We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Cashbook to the Radius Partner ecosystem. Partnerships are a core pillar of our business model and outlook, so to collaborate with a leading company in the capital finance and cash flow management sector is a real privilege. Given the world is grappling with a financial crisis - rising inflation and looming recession, helping businesses with this is especially important. Through Radius, we look forward to combining our joint expertise and technological capabilities to facilitate maximum fiscal health for all our customers.
Matt Rhodus, VP of Business Development & Strategy at Medius
Our partnership with Medius started out only a month ago, but in this short time we’ve made big gains. We believe joining the Radius program is the next step to equipping our clients with excellent, long-term value through combining our best-in-class experience for receivables, payables and bank reconciliation. We’re excited to help business finance departments around the world, not only meet their corporate goals, but surpass them.
Haroon Panezai, Partners Director at Cashbook
Invoice fraud is on the rise, while global supply chains are becoming more complex. Finance and AP teams face numerous challenges in an increasingly complex business environment. They need technology to move from automation to elimination – eliminating the invoice, fraud, and wasted time on needless manual tasks. As a technology provider, we still have work to do to help them solve these challenges and we’re 100% focused on doing just that.
Jim Lucier, CEO, Medius
For the past three to five years, we’ve seen finance and procurement teams play a game of ‘whack-a-mole’ as they respond to global economic fluctuations and the rapid digitization of processes. Not surprisingly, they are struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving shift in customer expectations, heightened risk and vulnerabilities, and challenges caused by global supply chain issues. It’s a tough environment for even the strongest of teams.
Kevin Permenter, Research Director, Financial Applications at IDC
Invoice fraud is on the rise, while global supply chains are becoming more complex. Finance and AP teams face numerous challenges in an increasingly complex business environment. They need technology to move from automation to elimination – eliminating the invoice, fraud, and wasted time on needless manual tasks. As a technology provider, we still have work to do to help them solve these challenges and we’re 100% focused on doing just that.
Jim Lucier, CEO, Medius
For the past three to five years, we’ve seen finance and procurement teams play a game of ‘whack-a-mole’ as they respond to global economic fluctuations and the rapid digitisation of processes. Not surprisingly, they are struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving shift in customer expectations, heightened risk and vulnerabilities, and challenges caused by global supply chain issues. It’s a tough environment for even the strongest of teams.
Kevin Permenter, Research Director, Financial Applications at IDC
Our experience with the Elevate program has been very positive. Our Elevate advisor and technical support have been very proactive in helping us find additional efficiency in our AP automation solution. Our success is Medius’ success and it shows in the day-to-day working relationship between our teams.
Shari Levinson, VP of Finance, Columbia Distributing
We are currently going through a time of constant economic change, and it is essential our customers not only receive, but also enact on qualified advice that can help them grow. With Medius Elevate, we can help businesses improve their processes without adding to their to-do lists.
Dan Andersson, Chief Delivery Officer at Medius
Medius is actively growing our Australian channel partners to expand our reach and introduce a broader cross-section of customers to the benefits of AP automation. Ricoh’s Australian market presence, broad customer base and expertise in the provision of digital services in the cloud makes it an ideal partner for Medius at a time when there are growing requirements for electronic accounts payable governance and compliance.
Lars Mellergaard, Managing Director Medius Australia
As Medius scales globally, the APAC market is a fantastic growth opportunity for the business. Building on the success of partnerships in the region, including our partnership with Ricoh is key as we look to accelerate mutual new business opportunities, and bring our technology to more businesses, as their requirements evolve and develop.
Branden Jenkins, COO, Medius
We were looking for an accounts payable solution that was a great fit for the Australian mid-market business, that could also scale. We also needed a solution that had a proven track record, with a comprehensive set of features and functions, including procurement, raising PO requests, onboarding suppliers and contract management. Medius’s industry-leading offering was the clear choice for us. Medius has been incredible to work with in New Zealand, and customers love their products.
Shane Baker, Digital Services National Manager, Ricoh
We’re laser focused on working together with our customers as they continue to push the boundaries of their own digital transformation agendas introducing them to the award-winning benefits of Medius AP automation and its operational advantages.
Shane Baker, Digital Services National Manager, Ricoh
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