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    An aspect that is extra interesting is Handheld’s successful business in the US, where we see good potential to accelerate together through joint forces in this important market. The companies have limited overlaps and complement each other well. Together, we look forward to building something greater and better. It is with great joy that we welcome Handheld’s staff to the MilDef-family
    Björn Karlsson
    We look forward to being an integral part of this very ambitious program. Among NATO countries, this blueprint offers some exciting system design that can be replicated among other nations who require cutting-edge digitalization.
    Björn Karlsson
    During the second quarter MilDef was navigating its growth journey with confidence in a time that was otherwise one of uncertainty. Strong key ratios for the period are valuable, but the Company’s long-term contracts are more important for future growth.
    Björn Karlsson
    We work closely with NDMA as an integral part of Norway’s cutting-edge digitalization and modernization projects, and we look forward to intensify the collaboration in the years to come
    Björn Karlsson
    We are very proud to be part of the digitalization and modernization of the Swedish Armed Forces.
    Evelina Hedskog
    This recent order is a follow-on to an initial pilot order placed in 2021, effectively validating MilDef’s value to these US Army programs
    Björn Karlsson
    We are proud to be part of the digitalization and modernization of the Swedish Armed Forces. This important order underpins the trust the Swedish Armed Forces and FMV have in our products, services and systems.
    Evelina Hedskog, Managing Director of MilDef Sweden AB.
    We are proud to be a strategically important partner to FMV. This framework agreement consolidates a long and deep relationship and secures the business dimension for the coming years.
    Björn Karlsson
    In a changing world and challenging times, MilDef delivered a first quarter with strong sales growth. Solid efforts from not least the acquired businesses in 2021 combined with high delivery capacity of recently produced hardware resulted in our strongest first quarter so far.
    Björn Karlsson
    The contract once again demonstrates that our qualified capabilities are gaining customers' trust
    Björn Karlsson
    We are entering 2022 with optimism and a strong order backlog which has increased by 64 percent to SEK 731.5 million (446.3)
    Björn Karlsson, CEO
    The Nordic region is extremely important for MilDef and we have strong positions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Finland is a priority in our expansion plan and the establishment of the subsidiary signals that the Nordic countries deep cooperation has strong industrial roots with us
    Björn Karlsson
    We are proud to deliver cutting-edge technology to a world leader in military and civilian vehicle systems
    Björn Karlsson
    Our new business unit is a response to the security policy question posed these days – how are we going to protect our society from existing and new threats?
    Björn Karlsson
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