About Us

Misen Energy AB(publ) (former Svenska CapitalOil AB(publ) ) is a Swedish oil and gas exploration and extraction company with operations in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2004 and the share is since 12 June, 2007, traded on NasdaqOMX First North. In 2011 Misen Energy AB acquired Misen Enterprises AB and its Ukrainian subsidiary, KarpatyGaz, including the rights of 50,01 % of the revenue and profit from a gas production project in Ukraine. As consideration of this acquisition a new share issue was performed.The gas extraction assets have been acquired by production cooperation via a joint activity project governed by a Joint Activity Agreement (the “JAA”) between the wholly owned subsidiaries of Misen Energy AB, i.e. Misen Enterprises AB, KarpatyGaz ( together 50.01%) and Ukrgazvydobuvannya,( 49.99%) the largest producer of natural gas in Ukraine and subsidiary of the publicly owned company Naftogaz, Ukraine. The value of the assets is estimated to be substantially more than the purchase price for Misen Enterprises AB.The purpose of the project is to significantly increase production of gas and oil by implementing new technology and a large-scale investment program.The registered office of Misen Energy AB is in Stockholm and the shares are traded on First North under identification MISE. The Certified Adviser of the company at NasdaqOMX First North is Thenberg & Kinde Fondkommision AB. For further information please visit our web site www.capitaloil.se.