When Al Cronk walked into Bob Baxter’s office 50 years ago, and told him that, as a police officer, he had never actually caught a burglar in-progress because of an alarm system — but he had an idea of how to do it — Sonitrol and verified security alarms were born. That was the inception of verified alarms. They were created by a police officer—for police officers.
Bill McNabney, Founder of Sonitrol U and Sonitrol's first employee
As we celebrate 50 years, Sonitrol honors its rich history as the first company to produce verified intruder alarms. Today, with advancements in technology and an unwavering commitment to the needs of our customers, Sonitrol provides businesses and facilities with real-time monitoring and operator intelligence that leads to quicker, safer and more effective responses from local law enforcement.
Bruce Winner, Director of the Sonitrol Brand
“At STANLEY Security, we recognize that maintaining the safety of children and faculty in the classroom is crucial, a top priority in our communities, and at the forefront of our national consciousness, The TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS Grant Program embodies the universal concept that educational institutions should always remain protected, safe and supportive environments for the cultivation and growth of our youth.”
Brett Bontrager, Senior Vice President & Group Executive, STANLEY Security, for Stanley Black & Decker.
At Sonitrol, we dislike false alarms as much as police do.
Bruce Winner
False alarms are wasting a lot of officers' time, but with Sonitrol, we feel more confident responding to a call for one of their alarms. And, as far as officer safety is concerned, it makes a huge difference.
Robert Stack, Assistant Chief of Police, Lexington, Kentucky