Sargent and Greenleaf, Inc. Introduces Lighted Keypad Feature for Gun Safe Electronic Locks at 2013 NSSF SHOT Show

NICHOLASVILLE, KY – (January 15, 2013) – Sargent & Greenleaf, Inc. (S&G), a division of Stanley Security Solutions, introduces a new, lighted keypad compatible with S&G’s TITAN™ PivotBolt™ Lock and 6120 Motorized Electronic Combination Lock this week from January 15-18 at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV.

With the notable addition of the lighted keypad feature to its simple-to-use and highly reliable TITAN and Motorized Electronic Safe Locks, S&G continues to reinforce its advocacy for gun safety by acting as a leading, innovative provider and improving upon its firearm safeguarding solutions.

“Gun safe owners want to know that they can quickly, conveniently – and sometimes, covertly – access their weapons 24/7 in cases of self-defense and to protect their homes,” said Nate Brown, Marketing Manager at S&G. “For instance, if a break-in or home invasion were ever to occur, homeowners do not want to have to switch on lamps or lights to be able to open their safes and potentially alert the intruder to their location.

“Instead, with the S&G gun safe standard electronic keypad, the buttons to enter the combination are lit just enough to effectively open the lock, yet not too brightly that it would be difficult for eyes to adjust or to signal intruders.”

The lighted gun safe keypad allows quick access to a safe’s contents in dark room conditions and has a separate “Light On” button, so the keypad doesn’t have to remain lit during normal safe entries throughout the day. When utilized, this feature extends battery life by not lighting the keypad with every button press in normal daylight hours. The “Light On” component has raised, tactile locating features, making the button quick and easy to find, even in complete darkness. Once activated, the keypad will light for 10 seconds, allowing ample time for users to enter their six-digit combination and “enter” (#) key.

Aesthetically pleasing, simple and easy-to-install, the lighted gun safe keypad is offered in three bezel finish options – including bright chrome, bright brass and black platinum.

Currently, the S&G gun safe standard electronic lighted keypad bezel is compatible with S&G’s 2006 TITAN PivotBolt model and 6120 Motorized Electronic Combination locks – in which users can keep their existing keypad housings – and is soon to be compatible with the 2007 TITAN Direct-Drive lock models as well. The product is available for purchase now, and will ship in April 2013.

The keypad will also soon be available as an easily installed, complete retrofit lock and keypad to replace any S&G mechanical lock, or any manufacturer’s mechanical and electronic locks. Users may also have the product factory installed directly from their safe OEMs on new safe equipment, where available.

For more information on the gun safe standard electronic lighted keypad, or S&G’s extensive portfolio of durable, high-quality gun safe locks and related products, please visit, or visit booth #25009 throughout the week at the 2013 NSSF SHOT Show.

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