Sonitrol Advises on How to Protect Small Businesses from Property Theft and Damage During Summer Months

Small Business Break-Ins Increase in August, Causing Unnecessary Loss of Revenue, Customers and Employee Safety

As a small business owner, the threat of burglary and theft traditionally rises during the summer months – with longer holiday weekends and staff taking more vacation days, especially in August, when the summer days are coming to an end.  While one of the benefits of being a small business owner is having the flexibility to take time away from work, it can also compromise the safety of the business, overall, leaving it more vulnerable to burglaries, property damage and vandalism.

Sonitrol, an industry leader in customized, state-of-the-art verified electronic security solutions for businesses, provides the following “top ten” security measures to protect businesses’ physical property, inventory and sensitive information against crime:  

  1. First and foremost, it is imperative to secure access to personal files and business records that are vital and not easily replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. Keep detailed, up-to-date business records, including inventories and banking records, and backup copies off the premises. This way, if a business is ever broken into, the owner can assess losses more easily and provide valuable information to aid in law enforcement investigations.
  2. For items that must remain on the property, engrave all valuable office equipment and tools with a unique identifier, such as tax identification, license or other distinctive number. Check with law enforcement officials for their recommendations.
  3. Conventional security techniques are still an effective way to discourage potential robbers from breaking into a property. This includes making sure all outside entrances and inside security doors are secured with deadbolt locks. Only use steel padlocks, and keep them locked at all times. Remove serial numbers from locks to prevent unauthorized keys from being made.
  4. Items in a window display or closest to windows are more easily accessible to thefts. All expensive items should be removed from displays at night, allowing law enforcement officials to more easily see into and monitor the business after closing.
  5. Visibility throughout the property is critical, not only for law officials to navigate through the premises, but a well-lit property makes a break-in less likely at the risk of potential robbers being seen. Light both the interior and exterior of the business, especially around doors, windows, skylights or other entry points. Additionally, installing covers over exterior lights and power sources will deter tampering.
  6. By allowing certain items to remain conspicuous during off hours, local law enforcement can more easily monitor and protect items of value, such as cash registers. Be sure that the cash register can be seen from the outside of the business, so that it can be monitored by law enforcement. To deter would-be burglars, leave it open and empty after closing.
  7. Keep only small amounts of cash, if any, in the register to reduce the possibility of loss in the event of a robbery. A drop safe can also be used for employees to drop large bills and excess cash and cannot be retrieved by them. Post signs regarding this practice to deter criminals.
  8. All safes should be fireproof, anchored and kept in plain sight. When empty, leave them open, and use them to lock up valuables once the business closes. Always remember to change combinations when employees who have had access leave the business.
  9. Keep the business address visible so that emergency vehicles can easily find the business in the event of a break-in.
  10. If there is a break-in, and the business has a verified audio intrusion detection system in place, a police dispatch immediately occurs and real-time information is provided to the responding officers.

Police have always considered verified audio technology better than conventional security solutions because of the low false alarm rate and high apprehension rate. Benefits of a Sonitrol system include: wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling protection, early detection and alarm verification, critical information for responding law enforcement, high apprehension rate and detection of conventional and unconventional break-ins.

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