Trak*It™ - Intelligent Safe Locking System Helps Cash Intensive Businesses Reduce Loss through RFID Technology

Nicholasville, KY – Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G), a Stanley Security Solutions company, introduces a revolutionary new intelligent safe locking system -- called Trak*iT™ -- designed to help retailers and other cash intensive businesses reduce and prevent cash losses. 

Sargent and Greenleaf’s Trak*iT™ solution combines expertise in safe locks with proven RFID technology and internet-based, real-time information to provide a powerful deterrent to internal theft.  Using RFID, the Trak*iT™ system can track deposits from the POS register to deposit into the safe, to withdrawal and ultimately to the bank.  All information about the deposit is captured by the Trak*iT™ system and pushed to the internet based Trak*iT™ Data Manager Service. Trak*iT™ Data Manager delivers 24/7 access to all deposit and withdrawal information and can generate predetermined exception alerts to help assure cash policies are followed.

 “Cash losses in the form of missing deposits are a significant and costly problem for retailers,” states Bill Dempsey, President/COO, Sargent and Greenleaf. “Reported cash loss figures range from 0.5% to 2% of annual sales, and for large chains that operate hundreds or thousands of locations, these types of losses are a significant problem. When a deposit goes missing, either through internal theft or simply misplaced, it is usually not discovered until days later when the deposit is to be processed by the bank.”

With Trak*iT™, retailers have the opportunity to realize an outstanding return on investment states Phil Pitt, Director of Marketing, Sargent and Greenleaf.  “If a retailer experiences typical industry cash losses, Trak*iT™ can provide a potential payback of approximately one year.”

Three Trak*iT™ Models Available: BASIC, CUBE and BV

The Trak*iT™ family includes three models: Trak*iT™ BASIC, Trak*iT™ CUBE, and Trak*iT™ BV.  Each Trak*iT™ model contains a PC with intuitive color touch screen and is scalable to meet the needs of the customer. 

Trak*iT™ BASIC is the entry level intelligent safe locking system through which customers can manage multiple safe locks while gaining visibility into user activity and safe status.

Trak*iT™ CUBE utilizes a tamper evident deposit bag with an embedded RFID tag.  It also employs a small depository cube that is inserted inside the safe.  Inside each depository compartment is an RFID antenna and when the deposit is placed into a compartment, the RFID antenna continually monitors and reports the deposit’s status, amount of deposit, cash denominations, depositor, date and time through Trak*iT™ Data Manager. 

The Trak*iT™ Data Manager software enables the customer to define schedules and rules surrounding deposits and withdrawals. The software also allows users to close the cash deposit loop and have an RFID reader placed at the customer’s bank so all deposit information is scanned by the bank and confirmation sent to the customer via the Trak*iT™ Data Manager.

Trak*iT™ BV takes the advanced functionality of Trak*iT™ Basic and adds integrated bill validators (BV) for automatic money counting, error risk reduction and counterfeit bill detection.  Additional Trak*iT™ options include a receipt printer, IP camera visual auditing, fingerprint biometrics, touch key, swipe card and proximity card authentication.

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