Decision from extraordinary general meeting of myFC Holding AB (publ)

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At today's extraordinary general meeting of myFC Holding AB (publ), in accordance with the Board's proposal, it was decided to carry out a preferential rights issue of shares and warrants ("Units"), an over-subscription option regarding Units, a directed issue of Units to the guarantors in the rights issue and on changes to the articles of association.

The General Meeting resolved below. All decisions were in accordance with submitted proposals and are described in detail in the Meeting documents that are available on the company's website

  • Resolution to change the limits of the Articles of Association for share capital to a minimum of 3,508,772 and a maximum of SEK 14,035,088 and the number of shares to a minimum of 60,000,000 and a maximum of 240,000,000.
  • Resolution on the issue of 55,860,069 Units with preferential rights for existing shareholders. The subscription price is SEK 1 per Unit, corresponding to SEK 1 per share. The warrants are issued free of charge. The record date for the rights issue is April 2, 2019, and the subscription period runs from April 5, 2019 to April 24, 2019. A prospectus on the basis of the rights issue will be published as soon as it has been approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.
  • Resolution on a so-called over-subscription option to issue a maximum of 13,965,018 Units upon oversubscription of the rights issue. Subscribers are, with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights, those who have signed up for subscription without preferential rights in the rights issue but who, due to oversubscription, have not been able to be allocated shares. The Board decides on allotment.
  • Decision on a maximum issue of 4,000,000 Units to the guarantors in the rights issue.

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About myFC
MyFC is a Swedish innovation company, world leader in micro-fuel cells. myFC develops technology which co-locates batteries and fuel cells and which is charged with a green, hydrogen-generating fuel consisting of water, salt and reactants. The company's offerings LAMINA MAX, LAMINA INcase and JAQ Hybrid are aimed at the smartphone industry while LAMINA REX targets the automotive industry. MyFC was founded in 2005 and was listed on NASDAQ | First North in 2014. Its headquarters are in Stockholm. For more information, visit