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    We are at a point in time when our technology development is well matched with market readiness for hydrogen-based energy solutions. We are in a position where our technology is proven and ready for integration in a wide variety of applications. Market demand for electrified mobility – 2-4 wheelers, marine applications and their auxiliary systems – is growing rapidly in every part of the world. If that was not evident already, the global Covid-19 pandemic has certainly proven that safe, cost-effective, and green last-mile mobility is a necessity in our society.
    Michael Glantz, CEO myFC
    We have successfully secured substantial funding for myFC, which will further enable myFC to capitalize on the commercialization of its unique fuel cell technology.
    Markus Hermanek, Chairman of the Board
    Last-mile electric mobility is essential in the regions where RahRah Technologies plans to operate and we are eager to evaluate what role fuel cells could have in our vehicles. myFC has a compelling technology solution and I look forward to exploring how it could support our products.
    Obaid Rahman, CEO of RahRah Technologies LLC.
    myFC develops innovative technology solutions in an interesting area with a clear focus on reduced climate impact.
    Alex Guy, Managing Partner at Helvetican International Ltd.
    We can reduce carbon footprint and improve customer experience for companies who are looking for a sustainable and innovative complement to batteries. Our technology solution is relevant for any manufacturer of battery-operated products that is interested in adding hydrogen and fuel cells to the equation.
    Sebastian Weber, CTIO myFC
    JAQ Hybrid has been well received in Japan, with excellent user reviews among other things. I am very pleased that Lightec has now placed its second order and I look forward to a continued good cooperation.
    Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.
    Ville Lejon-Avrin, Sales Manager at myFC
    The Nashua Group is an important partner in the region and this cooperation will be very exciting for myFC. I feel confident regarding further sales of the JAQ Hybrid in Sub-Sahara.
    We’re defending our technology and strong patent portfolio, we’re increasing the distance to the competition, and we continue to push the development of green fossil-free fuels forward.
    Michael Glantz, Chief Technology Officer for myFC
    Safeguarding our technology and our innovations with strong IP protection is an important part of our strategy
    Michael Glantz, Chief Technology Officer for myFC
    myFC’s solution, a fuel cell-based range extender, cleverly addresses these challenges promising lowered OEM cost, longer driving ranges, and integration flexibility – obviously still with zero tailpipe emissions.
    Pouya H. Moud, Head of Development for LAMINA REX
    myFC was founded to reduce dependency on batteries. The company’s commitment remains to provide a realistic complement to lithium ion batteries – one that is more accessible, more sustainable, and with higher energy relative to weight.
    Sebastian Weber, CTIO
    To maintain the ability to communicate when power is out is a new but crucial form of emergency preparation. In these times of being prepared for the unexpected, JAQ Hybrid is innovative, reliable and creates green electricity.
    Ville Lejon-Avrin, acting Sales Director
    Consumers can trust the cards they use are certified and safe, manufacturers can be confident the warranties of their products won’t be compromised, and we at myFC are assured our potential recurrent revenue from PowerCards is protected
    Björn Westerholm, vd myFC
    The combination of green electricity and never needing to worry about a depleted smartphone is very attractive to Japanese consumers. We look forward to offering JAQ Hybrid to our customers.
    Takuro Hirota, CEO at Lightec.
    Sebastian Weber, Chief Technology Officer
    We can now show the simplicity and elegance of powering our smartphones on-the-go.
    myFC is at the forefront of technology development, and we are a highly-skilled company. To hire individuals with extensive experience and an absolute focus on the task ahead is a prerequisite for our continued expansion and development.
    Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC
    MyFC's focus on development in the fuel cell area is very timely, and exciting for anyone with my background. I'm looking forward to helping make this technology available to many
    Chao Chen
    In summary, I look back on Q1 2018 as a quarter when we took many important steps. Our first delivery of JAQ Hybrid has been completed and we have handled the continuous development of our base technology in a satisfying way. Interest in our products and technology among potential customers has accelerated. I look forward to continuing to sell JAQ Hybrid, and at the same time promote the underlying technical components and all the benefits of our patented technology to the smartphone world, power bank manufacturers and manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive industry, backed by a unique and world-leading technology, strong finances enabling investments ahead, and a strong team that can execute according to plan
    Björn Westerholm, CEO
    “I have spent my entire career working with technology and development within the automotive industry. Since 2005, I have dedicated myself more or less exclusively to cleantech in different forms. That decision came with the realization of what is happening with our climate, where the transport sector has a very large responsibility for reducing emissions,” “MyFC has very interesting technical solutions to some of the electric vehicle industry’s hurdles, especially fuel distribution in combination with their fuel cell. To generate hydrogen on-site, as myFC does, must be explored. I want to contribute with my knowledge to realize that solution.”
    Per Svantesson
    ”Per has exceptional experience from the automotive industry, and with him on board we’ll take a big step forward when it comes to automotive competence in the board. He will be very valuable in our work to develop a range extender for electric cars, LAMINA REX. Per has a contagious, genuine passion for green energy, and wholly shares our ambitions to forward this technology and make it truly commercial,”
    Björn Westerholm
    We estimate that our fuel cell LAMINA and its fuel will exceed lithium-ion batteries by latest 2020 in terms of energy per volume and weight.
    Björn Westerholm
    The need for green energy technology cannot be overestimated.
    Alex Guy, CEO Eshara Capital
    I have promised organizational reinforcements for a long time, and I am very pleased to be able to deliver on that promise.
    Björn Westerholm, CEO
    With JAQ Hybrid we’ve made the world’s smallest fuel cell charger even smaller and smarter. It’s a big step toward our vision of constantly available green energy.
    Björn Westerholm, CEO myFC
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